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Best wishes to you all

After asking someone to be mindful of everyones differing needs from this site I was surprised to be accused of bullying! I have taken the decision to remove myself from the site. I wish you all the best of luck for coping with the demon of anxiety. I think it best that I focus on those who are important around me as I have enough stress and anxiety issues of my own.

Will miss you all and wish you good luck

Struggling Mum. AKA Karen x

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It seems like things have taken a sad turn lately here.We are all sensible adults we are all entitled to our opinions and we won't all agree. I think it's unfortunate that people are feeling they need to leave the site when we all come here for support/advice. Yes we won't all get along but that's life. Reconsider Karen and maybe try and work this out even if this is avoiding each other.


HEY please dont do this we are all here to help each other everyone has a little bit of knowledge to offer like hollow says please reconsider x


That's a shame, Karen, and not suprising that you feel hurt and rejected. Sometimes we all say things which are misinterpreted; also it's easy when we feel vulnerable to be overly sensitive to the comments of others and see them as criticism. I haven't seen the comments which upset you so I am talking generally, but I do know from experience how easy it is to feel rejected and how raw and unhappy it can make us. Please don't make any rash decisions; take time to sleep on it, allow your hurt feelings to subside a little, and try to see it as a blip - you meant no harm, and you know you didn't; you were showing compassion, and you need the same compassion shown to you too. As do we all. Don't leave! x


we all need each other !! Life would be boring if we all agreed on things..please don't leave x


hi joyce stokes here so sorry to hear your news i hope you can have help and support what ever you need to do . kind regards to you. joyce stokes.


Hi Karen. Listen hun there is no need to leave.

AS everyone else says above we all have things we must say and do.

The messages i received were bullying messages to myself and yes this is how i felt. I responded to yourself and the other person who placed a message but in all honesty there is no need for you to go anywhere.

We are all here to help and support everyone.

As i said in my post if you did not agree with it then maybe you should have been more mindful on what it would do for those who actually did not know what to do.

The messages i got were both of a bullying kind telling me not to post and the one message read i am trying to take over the site.

This really is not so, i would never try to do this.

We all have issues and problems. Me included but i would not go out my way to make anyone feel bad or bullied in any way.

I do hope we can sort this difference between ourselves and you will reconsider leaving. Between everyone on here we can all benefit from each individuals knowledge.

So please do not be hasty and if you look at my blogs they are not nasty ones but simply explaining to those who do not know about panic attacks but have just started.

They are not patronizing and nor do they assume anyone is doing or saying anything wrong, we all have a way to do things and this was just mine from experience as you would put yours from experience and anyone else on here.

If you wish to message me then please do so but if not then i can only say there is no need to leave the site, this site is for everyone, you know a lot of people i do not, i came here for the same reasons as many others and no one should be leaving because of something like this.

I cannot change how i felt after reading those replies as i have been bullied from work but i can take criticism all day long, i was use to that in my job when i worked for the DWP so you see karen i have other knowledge as well as im sure you do too so lets not do anything drastic like leaving the site.

No one needs added stress and no one is here im sure to cause this but sometimes things said will not always go down well as they did not with myself and the response i sent back.

You do not have to reply to this nor do you have to make any attempts to contact me but i am asking as this was between yourself and i to start with that you do not leave please this site is needed by yourself and many others out there so please re-think this. x Debs


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