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Would like some help please

Hi All,

Been reading some here that make me feel a little at home....that may sound a little bizarre, but I don't feel so alone.

My story as brief as I can....For 9 years I have been working away from home and being everything for everyone else.....Anyway because of this (I think?) I have felt unwell with headaches, neck and shoulder pain, jaw clenching, and a stomach that seems to be acting up to it all.

Right now it seems to have all come to a I my muscles in my back, arms and legs are so tense I get what can only be described as internal shaking, I feel dizzy and quite sick, then my tummy seems to lurch and I have to go the loo several times....

Of course I have thought it has been something wrong with me...but I am now beginning to see that I am manifesting this myself, but I can't seem to stop and now I am scared to go out and it is ruining my life. I have been signed off work for the past three weeks.

Does anyone else have these crazy internal shaking things going on it's as though my muscles are out of control, you can't physically see the shaking I can only feel it, i and the tummy upsets, this dashing to the loo is freaking me out.

I find myself holding my breath sometimes and holding my muscles rigid in my jaw and back and even in my legs, I don't seem to realise I am doing it.....

I am weary of trying to explain myself and I feel very boring! If anyone can relate to anything help put my mind at rest I would be very grateful.

Thank You


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I have a tendency to involuntarily tense my neck and upper back muscles. I'll realize I'm tense and have to literally tell myself to relax. Five minutes later, it's happening again. It leads to massive headaches and lightheadedness for me. I hope you find relief in knowing that you are not alone in this. :)


Hi ,

Yes it's crazy this tending thing, I can be watching TV and realise, I haven't even been breathing, let alone sitting there with my legs tensed up and my jaw for no reason. I suppose that's why our poor body reacts like it does .....I can understand my own explanation, but when the shaking starts I freak out as I am not in control! I have found that deliberately tending and relaxing yr muscles as in relaxation techniques really helps. X

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Hi Funkyfairie, your symptoms certainly sound like anxiety. Have you been seen by a doctor who diagnosed you with this disorder? I've looked back at other posts and it looks like you have other issues as well. Just want to make sure that's what you are dealing with right now. I will say that I see myself in all of your symptoms. It's kind of the way to make our bodies slow down when we take on too much, which it sounds like you have. I know what you mean in trying to explain yourself to others. They haven't the foggiest what we go through. Have you had any therapy along the way? I certainly hope we can alleviate some of your fears and help support you. This is a wonderful understanding group of people who like you experience the same type of symptoms. We care. x



Yes you are right I do have one other issue, that of a B12 deficiency. But for the past year or more when I have my B12 shot, I don't feel any better anymore. I know I have a pending pernicious anaemia problem, but I have had blood tests and more and at present that is all fine,I have shots and boost with a sublingual every day.

I know what you are saying though to be sure as some of the symptoms are the same. But I know deep down I have been over doing it big time.

I think my worst fears at the moment is my stomach and the shaking. I can control the nausea a little, by giving myself a talking to 😊.

Managed to go for a blood test by myself this morning, at least ten times I nearly came back home.

So fed up as I have had to cancel friends coming this wkend in case I can't cope.

Thanks for telling both, even just reading other people's posts put your mind at rest a bit doesn't it.

Thank you

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Having this forum is a wonderful support system. I never realized how many people do suffer from anxiety disorder. It seems to hit any age, male or female.

Good for you in going for your blood test alone this morning. A big accomplishment for us, questionable for others to understand. That's the part that makes it so hard. Cancelling events, fear of having to make commitments just in case.

It's a long struggle but as time goes by so does the confidence you will build within yourself in taking back over again. The symptoms of anxiety will weaken in time because it will no longer have the effect on you as it did in the beginning.

Talking to yourself when feeling fear coming on will help eventually in turning that fear into anger. Anger in that you will no longer tolerate this "bully" from taking any more of your life away from you. That will be the turn around. Keep using the forum for support, you are in the right place at the right time. Together we will all get the strength we need. It will happen. :)

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Thanks Agora1

I sat in the car for 20 minutes arguing with myself, telling myself I couldn't do it without feeling sick and dizzy and looking a fool, but I knew if I didn't do it, I would have got back home and then worried about my blood test.

By the way all was normal with the tests, just like the last lot, although different tests were done. I don't want any disease, but it would be good to give it a name and a treatment, although I know I won't get one, and yes that is good!

Not too bad today, but have had a horrible churning tummy with all the consequences...we won't go into them :-) I wake up scared about how I will feel today and off goes my tummy and then that starts me thinking Grrrr

I know it'll take time. How are you?


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Funkyfaerie, today is a good day. When we get them, far and few between, we need to grab on to it and enjoy the calmer moments.

I'm glad your tests were normal, isn't it too bad that we all tend to stress out so much beforehand. The day I can omit that, will be the day I know I've won.

I'm sorry about the churning stomach today. I try to use knowing what's causing my symptoms to my benefit. There are times we cannot resolve the issue but hopefully can reduce the symptoms with a positive thought. xx


Hi Agora,

Glad that you had a good day yesterday.

I got up as soon as my tummy started so I didn't give it too much of a chance, although I know it's still in the back ground, trying to ignore it.

Funny how when we have all of these perculiar symptoms we think we have something terribe, but what could it be...the symptoms are different and all over the place every day...I suppose I can see why my doctor seems helpless.

I have been watching some videos on youtube by a Dr John Bergman on, stress, depression, how to talk to yourself and how to heal yourself. He is so inspiring and enthusiastic, I have watched a lot this last week and it has made me feel stronger. Unfortunately he is in America (aren't they all!) But I asked him a question and he got back to me pretty quick. He's worth listening to if you get a moment.

The sun is supposed to be coming out today, I will try and spend some time in the garden. I haven't been out for a while properly and am scared of that and I haven't been to work for three weeks now. I have the Doctors Monday and I want to get something sorted as I am really down with all this, but I have no idea what to say anymore. I feel like screaming at myself...but I suppose it just takes time, took a long while getting like this.

I hope you manage another good day Agora, nice to talk to you. J xx

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Hello Funkyfaerie, so many positive things in your post. I like the fact that you got up as soon as your tummy started. We may not be able to prevent the symptoms but we sure can stop them from taking hold. Let it stay in the background where it belongs until it gets tired of us not responding and dissipates.

It is interesting how symptoms from everyone are all over the place but yet coming from the same place, our brain. Thank you for telling me about Dr. John Bergman, I will certainly give him a listen. I'm always open to hearing of different approaches to anxiety.

By all means try to get out in the garden today. Enjoy the beauty outside even just for a short time. You are not alone in not knowing what to say to the doctors anymore. I sometimes want to scream as well because it feels like I go in with problems and come out no better, still bewildered. I usually now, write down a very small list of the 3 most important issues I want covered. After that, they don't listen and never add an additional concern as you are going out the door.

Here's to a good day for both of us. Hope the sunshine helps you smile. Nice talking to you as well. xx P.S. Good luck with the appointment on Monday, will be waiting for an update.


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