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Like living in hell with this anxiety

Had a great day yesterday this breathing thing it's really bad today when will these sensations go or will they ever go sickvoff rightingvsame post I wish a doctor or someone's that deals with anxiety would get on this site and help us all who is suffering and finding it hard to deal with i

I also smoke alot could this be what's effecting my breathing but docs saying my lungs are. Clear bloodpressure ok having terrible bowel problems

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I had a time when I couldn't quite catch my breath - or so it felt.

This was when my dad was dying slowly in hospital.

After he died that sensation went away but I got full-blown anxiety.

smoking certainly won't help your breathing so it's good you've spoken to your doctor.


Are you on anti depressants if so which one? Wishing you well.


Was couldn't take bad side effects citrol


Hi there I'm feeling the same way my eyes feel weird I'm having upper abdominal pressure and shortness of breath for two weeks now and my head feels weird as if I'm not getting enough oxygen to my head ....


Are you on antidepressants if so which one? Wishing you well


I'm on Buspar 10mg twice a day but my Psych changed my med last week to Lexapro and I'm having second thoughts on taking it ... Not sure what to do I'm trying to see if there is any natural supplements that can help out instead of this meds with all this side effects I'm tired of them all ....

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Hi I couldn't take my tablets I was on citrol I felt as if I was losing on control went bk docs all he said was take 20 then 30 I couldn't scared of my life natural tabs in health shop calms or rescue remedy hope this helps doc recommended. Me to download cbs I done it on playstore great book self help for nerves very good


I have a friend who takes calms forte she says they help her but in not sure if they would help me since I've taking Citalopram for a few days cousins take the side effects and another two meds just for a few days didn't die me good but the Klonoin works but i don't wanna be on Benzo hey de give me a crazy withdraw from just taking 13pills over a month 1month period the ER such gave me 1 three different times which helped and then prescribed me the Citalopram for everyday and clonazepam on a need to take basis only ten pills and I had to go see my psych so I can tell her about my meds and if he are working ... None have worked only Klonoin but I don't want any Benz and my psych wouldn't prescribe me them anyways .. So at the end I told her about he side effects and how bad they were she wanted to put me on Lexapro I told her no I had another pill Buspar so she aiad fine if it's the only thing il take she would give it toe but it's on me she doesn't like to prescribe Buspar cause it's like sugar and it doesn't do much for anyone well to me it did for the first two weeks then it stopped working a bit so I'm having the physical effects of anxiety but I don't feel anxious at all ... So not physical then even feeling anxiety my heart rate be normal and I do thank God I don't get anxious so yea Buspar helps me with anxiousness but only he mental part of so I won't pain or freak out when I have thwas physical symptoms of it .. Thx and if you can tell me more on natural meds that have helped you I would appreciate it .. Much Thx Again and God Bless


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