really down!!!!!

I don't know whats happening I feel shocking felt like this since last week just constant dizzy even my eyes are funny and are blurry don't know how much more I can take f it I don't know whats causing my anxiety this week usually I point it straight out but now im just confused sorry for going on just wanted to get it off my chest I don't have anyone else to talk to they think im a "hyperchondriac" (I wish) x


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  • Its called health anxiety now I know this as I have it have u been to the doctors xx

  • Hello Sessykel

    First of all you are not "going on".After all that is why this site is so good.

    We can get it off our chests and people will listen and respond.

    I don't really know if there is anything that really causes anxiety.In fact I suppose I am a hypochondriac it is just a form of health anxiety.

    I have just spent half the night with chest pains,ringing in the ears,headache and nausea.Also I have spent half my life (I'm now 68) convinced I was dying.

    Anxiety just seems to rear its ugly head at any time and I've never found a cure.Except perhaps for my wife who does manage to calm me down.

    Keep on blogging



  • Hi Seesykel,

    I know how you feel. My first question on this site was about my eyes being blurry and just cant focus properly. I'm not on any medication so i know its not side effects. Plus had eye tests and no probs. i have severe depression and anxiety. Life is unbearable sometimes.

    Your not going on at all. Try and just let this bad time pass as it will. And when you start feeling better try exercise and walking. As of the eye problem maybe go see an optician. Hope your feeling better soon.

  • hi guys,

    Thankyou so much I have been to my gp which refered me to couseling which I started today it was a help and feeling a little better I have also been to the opticians and have a new prescription so I know its just one of the many side affects of anxiety I know it sounds strange but it helps me to right on here and get it all out thankyou so much for your replys xx

  • sessykel

    I hope you feel good ,because you have done well today and really achieved a lot.

    Keep on rolling



  • I see this post was 3 years ago hopefully your doing better . Anxiety is a symptom of something deeper . It's something that we have held onto in our lives and have not dealt with. It comes out like anxiety and panic attacks . Your dizziness in eyes could have been a migraine in eyes I get those and they feel the same way you described. But I know this post is older but I hope you are doing good now ..

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