Today ive been in my head

Ugh today is not my day. I just need someone to talk me threw this. Im getting a second opinion my a different doctor trying to figure out whats wrong. Im not anxious about anything i just am very upset not being able to figure out whats wrong. I swear i feel like im dying or im just gonna wake up in a hospital. I went to the drs 2 weeks ago about my chest pain & the said im fine. They didnt even care that i have this soapy taste in my mouth.. Well my chest is still hurting, i feel tired all day, im experiencing hot and cold flashes and now im getting this dizzy feeling. I literally feel like i have some sort of cancer or some type of illness and these drs are wrong. I feel like im just going to snap if one more dr says im fine becauseim not im listening to my body & something is off and its just getting worse.


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  • You are okay, you are not dying! I'm telling you. Please understand that anxiety makes us feel this way as long as we don't accept it is anxiety. Ppl have been dealing with anxiety for decades, years, months... they are still alive. The first thing the instructor said in our support is that "Anxiety" won't kill you. Stay strong, don't give up.

  • I go back to psychiatrist monday but im just so exhausted and i stopped taken my meds because they were making me feel worse which is why i dont think its anxiety.

  • Oh, good glad you have an appointment. I'm sure it is anxiety... some anxiety meds do make you feel worst, once you jump on the medication train... you have to try ones out that will work for you. I hope you get better, I know you will get better, we are all in the same boat as you... some have already recovered, some... like me, are still struggling. But the bright side is... we all thought we had some horrible disease or a rare formity but we are still here! 🤗 you are not alone.❤️

  • Thank you so much. This dr is an ENT because its my throat acting up too and the cough and like a gagging sensation... So hopefully ill get answers. Im also going to find a new GP and get a second opinion with them as well.

  • I think that's a good idea to get a second opinion from another doctor, Lvictoria81. A lot of the symproms you mention are obviously because you're anxious but there's a very small chance it might be something that's very common called a. hiatus hernia. This is when part of your stomach pushes against your diaphragm, the sheet of muscle that separates your lungs from your stomach. About 10% of the population have it but it only causes problems for a few people. The usual symptom is acid reflux but in some cases it can cause chest pain and an acidic taste in the mouth.

    So it would be worth you asking this second doctor if he thinks your chest pain is because of a hiatus hernia. Have you ever had an endoscopy where they put a tiny camera down your mouth to have a look at your stomach? That would prove conclusively that you either do or don't have a hiatus hernia.

    But don't get the idea that this is anything life threatening or serious, it isn't. If it is there are simple procedures to correct it that don't involve surgery or anything like that.

    In a way it would be good news if it was a hiatus hetnia because you would have discovered what is causing your non-cardiac chest pain and it can be fixed, no problem. So it's worth asking the doctor if the non cardiac chest pain is a HH. Unless you've already had an endoscopy, of course, you know "the Dynorod experience"☺

    Either way, hopefully the new doc will send you for a scan (unless you've had one already) but it's about time this chest pain was sorted out because I know it's been a problem for you for some time. Good luck!

  • Hey thank you and no ive never had an endoscopy done just a chest xray

  • I don't think a hiatus hernia would show up on an x-ray unless it was accompanied by a barium drink but these days they prefer an endoscopy to the barium meal to diagnose HH.

    My wife has had non cardiac chest pain for 10 years that has never been properly diagnosed, she has a hiatus hernia, she actually had an endoscopy today which confirmed it's still there.I have this feeling that her chest pain which can be quite bad is caused by HH which can also mean you can only tolerate small meals and sometimes feel nausea. All I've got to do is convince her doctor she needs to see a gastroenterologist consultant.

  • Oh gosh i hope your able to convince them. How did you get the drs to do an endoscopy on her?

  • My wife insisted my doctor send her for an endoscopy and he knew he wouldn't hear the end of it until he did☺

  • See i want a cat scan & an endoscopy done. Theres something going on & i need to know. Blood tests dont show everything. I do however wish anxiety showed up on blood tests.

  • How r u doing today?

  • Eh not so good. My lip started swelling for no reason last night which made me go into a panic attack & it didnt help that my mom and boyfriend kept saying rekax ur ok.

  • This is kind of crazy but all last week for no reason my bottom lip was swelled up ok now couldn't figure out why

  • Yes mine was all last night but my top right side only... Then i woke up and my wisdom teeth are killing me. Could it possibly be from that? I just feel like i cant catch a break.

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