Positive Fridays:/

Hi all, how are we all? Well as sad as it maybe tomorrow is Friday and there is no Winter to lead us in our positives x I think the whole concept was a great idea and so think it would be great to continue but without treading on Winters ground x So maybe tomorrow I will do an individual post to tell you what mine are x And maybe we could all follow suit and that way if Winter ever returns her place is where she left it xx

Anyone else have any other ideas xx ??


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  • Hi Donver,

    Well after reading your post's, what can I say.

    Today seems to be a day of total positives for you so it only seems right to me that you kick 'Winter's Positive Friday' off. Knowing my luck the torch once picked up would have run out of batteries anyway.

    I will even try and find something in my world that I can post but as usual my world has taken a retrograde step. Any way I'm glad the idea like so many is going to carry on.



  • Hi 1b4 x I can have some positive days but believe me a lot more negative cannot drag my backside out of bed ones x I used to think that I could never have a positive but then I started to do the Friday gig and realised just getting out that bed was one x I am sure no matter how tiny every day you get up and face the anxiety ridden world there is one somewhere x Donna x

  • Thanks Donna,

    Well yes good, bad and sod it this duvets much more comfortable ones, I think we can all go with that.

    Hopefully one of your positives will be way that you have helped to keep everyone together this week and a really big one for next week will be success in the present negotiations that you are involved in. Good luck with them, both parties are sorely missed. I believe even to the point where someone may wish to make an apology but, once again who knows that will be up to them and their conscience?



  • your welcome x and ty x I am trying but sadly at this moment its a losing battle no one wants to talk x I do not give in though and will carry on fighting for those who cannot answer for themselves x I think an apology is long overdue but sadly never coming it seems x They have no conscience x

  • Donna,

    I think one will come eventually, even if in private, you never know your luck in the big city.

    Unfortunately this is the problem in negotiations. You have to find the middle ground and in this case let Why Why know it is the members that she has advised and helped with her thoughts, they are the ones in the middle that miss her and they are the ones who want her back.

    Yes you and I and those who sprang to her support miss her as well but the new members are the one's that will really suffer without her. Why Why could always take time out to say hello and welcome, something I could never do, maybe it was her demon that drove her to do that, mine won't allow it, but once again this is what is missed.

    Take care Donna. Hopefully you will be successful for all of us. A thought could we try and get a link or even a petition set up to try and let her know how much she was the heart and soul of this site.



  • Agreed x And ty x

  • Hi 14bed,

    I think the petition is a good idea...and I've thought of a rather creative intuitive...anyone who wants Whywhy to come up, simply make Will-I-am they're profile pic in honour of Whywhy (any 'Paint wizards could annotate it with the words, Missing Whywhy, though this is not essential)- hopefully she'll immediately log on and see how much she was appreciated as the pictures speaking for themselves. Yes, I'm going to write a post on it now and see who's with me. :)

    Also, check out my post in New Zealand (Anxiety Support NZ) I did try and do a post seeing if people would write their sentiments for Whywhy, and maybe persuade her to come back but we seemed to have went off topic. There's an explanation of why she left too. :/


  • Hi Funky Fairy,

    I believe the problem has now been solved!

    Just does go to prove that in life the aggressor does not always win.



  • Hey :)

    That's brilliant! I saw, I got rather excited I have to say. You're so right.


    Fay xxxx

  • Hey,

    Of course we should carry on I'm sure that's what Winter would want us to do whichever way we do it. :) Both Winter and Whywhy would want to carry on what they started (what most of us were already following suit when they were there anyway), whichever format it's in.

    Yes, 14bed Whywhy was very much a part of this site and was highly valued, but I believe, all of us good valued members on here, are all the heart and soul of this site (and I bet Whywhy herself would agree) for this site would cease to function without a soul, and here we are, battling on - all of us make the site. And I think for that we should be proud of ourselves. So I'm going to do Positive Friday tomorrow - something which I used to do all the time and know I should start up again - and I'll keep trying to help people best I can.



  • A nice positive,why why is back and everyone is moving on and getting the site back on track,maybe Winter will come back and Holly.

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