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Panic Attacks

I have had 3 panic attacks in the last few days and they were very scary indeed. My symptoms are a feeling of dread and dizziness coming over me which causes me to panic - I am thinking I wiill pass out and die. My heart beats faster and I try and breathe deeper, and it then starts to ease. The attacks seem to eminate from my groin area for some reason. I find my thoughts of feeling anxious only make it worse so when it happens I try desperately to think of something or someone nice to help calm me. I don't know why I am suddenly having these attacks. It can happen anywhere. Today I was in a large shopping centre sitting down and having a drink when I suddenly starting getting the early symptoms. I got up and walked around and it eased. I don't know whether I should consult my GP or whether there is anything I can do to stop these attacks happening. Any advice appreciated.

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Please contact your Gp. don't let it go on it will only get worse

Your GP can and will help

Bite the bullet and book an appointment

God Speed


Hi formidible'

Sounds like anxiety and panics, so go see your doctor and get some therapy.

I will appologise firstly to anyone that might find the next bit a bit personal :-)

I'm interested in where you said you panic started, you said in the groin area.

I'm not sure if your a boy or not (I am), but I experienced this when I suppressed my sexual needs once, might be something you could think about.

On to the panics,

You cant stop an attack at all, and if you try it may get worse.

So what you can do is learn to FACE what is happening, with as much ACCEPTANCE as possible, know that it is not dangerous just unpleasant. It wont kill you.

As the feelings come on, FLOAT through them, accepting at they will rise as the adrenaline comes into your body, but if allowed by not fighting it it will tart to abate if you allow TIME to pass.

This is how we deal with panics, its based on DR. Claire Weekes books and audio tapes and works, but it takes time to get it right, but immediately it will start to help.

With breathing it wont stop a panic, but can help stop over breathing which can make us feel light headed. Breathe in for 4 counts breathe out for 8 counts, this will balance the oxygen levels till you can breathe naturally. The focus must be on allowing your body to breathe on its own though, as it knows better than us.

Another thing, when our body is flooded with adrenaline, is to do some exercise to burn it off.

As in a panic all thats happening is as you feel fear your body releases adranaline to fight or flight, but there's nothing to fight or run from, so if we dont run or fight our feelings it will go away. Promise.

The therapy hopefully the doctor will give you, will explain whats going on, teach you how to practice correctly, and it is good and will help, so I do recommend it.

wishing you well




Thanks for the comments - a definite help. Have been feeling ok today and no panics. I was dismissed from work recently for not doing anything wrong and feel I have been bullied. Because I'd only been there 2 months I've been told they can do what they did and get away with it because the law says unless you have been working for the same company for 2 years you have no redress and cannot take them to a tribunal. Its no justivce at all but at least I've now told them what I think. This was probably one reason for the attacks but I was also depressed before this happened so I suppose it has a cumulative effect. Thanks again.


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