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Life Changing

I do not blog much because I joined this forum after having a heart attack which has given me anxiety and sleep disorders.

I appreciate that people in general want to hear positive things and so I tend to keep quiet.

However I have noticed that having a heart attack has changed something fundamental about me .Before I never used to complain about anything.I would go to a restaurant have a really horrible meal but tell the waiter it was nice and leave a tip.I would go to a supermarket and get really appalling service but never complain.

But now I find that if I am the least bit unhappy about any service,I will complain,.telephone, write, email until something is done.

What I wonder is: has anything ever happened to you that has radically changed your outlook on life?

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good question and yes it has. i quit my job in january due to anxiety, stress, depression and have had to go into the benefit system.

i do wonder what is more stressful, working long shifts or dealing with the system. i think its the latter. i have worked for donkeys years and did not plan on feeling like this.

this has opened my eyes to how mental health is viewed

1.Agoraphobic, cant communicate, hate crowds yet have to go to Gp, wait in crowded waiting area to get a fit note.

2. have worked for years yet when i eventualy do sign on, i owe them money and benifit is cut down.

why cant i have a carer come to my home and help me deal with the system, because i can walk and talk does not mean im of sound mind and body. if i had a physical disability it would be easier but what they cannot see seems to not exist. it gets me down being alone day in, day out, no wonder i talk to myself lol xxx i should be grateful, it could be worse xxx


Hello Bev I am not too sure if I have spoken to you before.

Bev I am also recovering from a heart attack.It has made me scared,anxious,frightened and afraid to sleep.

Also I am 6feet 3inches and come in around 17 stone.

Never before have I said BOO to a goose.I have let people walk all over me got the most rotten service from lots of places and never ever complained.

NOW like you I will not let these places get away with anything.I will rant and rave at any thing I feel is substandard service until I get some form of apology or replacement.

Trouble is on Tuesday I stormed out the house in my pyjamas...into a taxi.....and round to the local hospital because some poor nurse upset me.

The result being that I spent the next 3 days lying in bed exhausted.

Today my poor wife pushed my wheelchair and me of course,around Sainsburys.We got such shoddy service at the checkout that I had an adrenalin rush......shot out the wheelchair.......and nearly throttled the manager.

RESULT I am back in bed exhausted.Yes I had a life threatening did change me.......Whether it was for the better or not I am not so sure.

Thanks for your blog it's given me the chance to let off some steam



Things do make you change. I tried to show my ex................who had bad experiences with his ex girlfriends, that not everyone is like that. What happens...............he does more or less the same things that happened to him to me. How does that make you feel you can trust people. I dont want to give my all to people anymore. Call me bitter............maybe i am but it hasnt done me any good helping others. You just get shit on. So yes things change you. There is only so much you can take. Lou x


Yes Bev Having just been told that I have early onset Alzheimers has changed my outlook on life.I am much more assertive than I used to be.I would also like to thank the other members who have wished me well.

Also I would like to re-assure"ADMIN" that I am Compos Mentis at the moment so they do not have to delete this blog like they did the other!




Be careful oap Admin might think compos mentis is offensive language




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