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Has anyone ever felt like their mind is playing tricks on them?


Have you ever saw or heard something that has to do with a disease or disorder and think you have that? Because I went to the ER many times within a month because I thought I had that disease because I saw it online. That goes for the same for a disorder. Like even though I got test saying I'm fine I still am convinced that I have that disease. Even when the doctor said I don't. Like I thought I was pregnant for about 3 weeks and despite all the pregnancy test I took when I went to the ER it was all negative but I was convienced that I was preganat. Now I think I have something because I keep hearing about it on tv and it keeps popping up everywhere and I think it's signs that I have the disease. Even though I got tested for it and it came back NEGATIVE!!! I'm just driving myself nuts! And plus I'm building up the medical bills. My insurance is going to suspect sometging is wrong with me and stop covering me. Plus if I continue to go to the doctors and ER they are going to think I am crazy and send me to the nut house. Has anyone ever felt like this?

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Yes - it's called health anxiety. Lots and lots of people suffer from it. Step one of getting over it is always stop using Dr Google!

AnxiousGal in reply to evilimbic

That's all I use is Dr. Google. I google all of my symptoms. I just drive myself, mother and doctor insane because I think I'm suffering from a disease or disorder. I'm trying to stop looking up my symptoms. My counselor told me to stop looking them up but I do it anyway. ??

i suffer with health anxiety and its not nice,the docs and hosp was like a 2nd home to me,ive have every test u can think of and im fine,the symtoms of anxiety are really horrible,i just go with them now instead of fighting them,i know deep down there is nothing wrong with me xx

AnxiousGal in reply to warkie

I think I have HIV even though I got tested and it was negative now I think I have cancer. I got checked for heart problems and cancer everything. But I'm thinking about getting a cat scan but I think it's just my anxiety. I want a cat scan because I've been having headaches and I've been light headed. It sucks.

Yes, more than once. A while ago I gave myself no more than 5 years of life. Then I thought that in five years you can do many things. Then I thought ... well ... I had already a cancer 14 years ago. Furthermore I am diabetic type 1 since ’91... Well there are more chances to die for complications, therefore, it would be better to manage properly well my insulin therapy and add on top some important sport activities. This is the best way to extend my life expectancy for further 10 years? I keep my fingers crossed .... naturally during my jogging.

Remember that it is only a question of time, nothing else. The time is extremely precious and you must use it in the best way.

Motto: live your life until you are alive!


AnxiousGal in reply to grucio

I now am going to stop thinking I have every disease. It really sucks. I've been to the hospital so many times that they know my name and everything I go in they say nothing's wrong with you. Health anxiety sucks!!! Have you had any headaches or felt light headed recently? Because that's how I'm feeling now

AnxiousGal in reply to grucio

Well I said I will stir away from google but I didn't and now I did some digging and now I think I have HIV again. Yes I got tested but they said that you can have the disease even if you got tested and its negative. because they said there is a "winfow period" now I'm freaking out and I've been doing research on the Internet for about 2 hours now. I scared myself half to death. And every commercial or anything on tv that mention something about HIV I freak out. Like I was watching a show and they said "I was doing rent rehearsals." Then I thought RENT, that is a movie about people with HIV so I automatically thought " crap! That's a hint that I have HIV!" I freaked out. Then I dig out all the guys I slept with and marked down the guys I used a condom with and all the guys that I didn't. Thank god I didn't sleep with a lot but now on Monday I'm setting an appointment to get tested again. I just freaked myself out bad.

yes, I have headaches, more frequently on Friday and Saturday. It's stress or relaxation only. When I had cancer in my head I didn't have headhaches :)

Your body it's like another part of yourself: you should understand it. It's not easy, I started few weeks ago only.

AnxiousGal in reply to grucio

It's so hard because it's like I'm sick 24/7 and it sucks. I'm trying to keep myself from stressing but it's so hard.

I feel lightheaded and like I'm in a dream and I also go dizzy alot I get headaches also and I also suffer with them at the back of my head it comes and goes hope this helps :)

It does help. It helps a lot. Thank you.

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