Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, but i think i've might have missed a period due to stress? I was stressed and had high anxiety but it was only due to work not something extremely stressful like someone passing away. Im currently 38 days late took pregnancy tests all from clear blue and they've all come off negative, But I've noticed pregnancy symptoms like nausea headaches ect and only today my breasts have started to feel quite sore. Could i possibly be pregnant even though it says negative on the test? has anyone had this problem before? this is the first time I've ever missed my period


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  • I was the same when I got pregnant with my first I was a mouth last and took about 10 tests and all was negative and I went to the docs for a blood test and a wee test and came back positive but sometime it can be due to being to stressed as I'm sometimes late if I'm to stressed out x

  • omg i've took about 6 pregnancy tests and all negative.. how late have you been due to stress? and was you on contraception or anything?

  • And you possibly could be pregnant feel strange asking this but are your breasts tender ?

  • yeah mine are a bit tender but only started today... not sure if its because its my period actually coming on cos it is around the time of the month its suppose to come again

  • Yes' maybe I've had that before skipped periods but 21 days was my longest all I done was worry. Are you hoping to be pregnant or not

  • do you think I'm calculating it right? because i only just started calculating my period as its quite irregular not to the point i,ve missed it though.. basically last december my period came on 11th and i was expecting to come around the same time in january so would that been its been a total of 38 days then? I'm hoping not to be pregnant I'm only 21

  • You are so late tbh your like 6 weeks late 🤔😲 you no any contraception am guessing

  • yeah I'm really shitting myself, i mean i was seriously stressed last month though.. and no but in october i did take morning after pill and my period came early in december like 14 days earlier..

  • Rite have you checked to see if the pill could cause late periods etc a don't no Hun. I've got five kids lol

  • yeah apparently after you take it your period might come early or late and in my case it came early but it also says after your period should be normal. bit worried now

  • A see well wen I've took pregnancy tests after a week late I've been pregnant all positive everyone's different I had no symptoms in any of my pregnancys strange I no. Is your belly swollen any cramps?

  • i did have cramps at first but not anymore now.. i haven't noticed my belly being swollen no. Im mostly worried about being pregnant but I'm sure I'm fine as clear blue is really trustworthy

  • Bless ya a hope your not lol ye clear blues are quiet accurate they are the best best time to take one first thing in morning. And also if you we're pregnant you'd be around 6 to 7 weeks clear bye would detect that far on tbh x

  • I've missed them loads of times but not for that long. But stress can cause late periods but if pregnancy tests say negative I wouldn't worry especially clear blue as there the best ones go to gp in the next week if u ain't come on good luck x

  • I haven't had my period snice October due to stress of a love one passing. And very high anxiety as well. I have social anxiety i dont want to be around ppl anymore. I took so many pregnancy test all came back negative i had the the nausea the pregnancy symptoms soreness in my breast they still tender to this day for some reason they just started getting sore and tender the last week and I don't understand why ect. I still haven't had my period and it's 2017 now . Went to my doctor to see why he was saying something about my hormones and I wasn't ovulating and that's why I'm not having my. So I got blood test for my thyroid and my hormones so I should get those results next month..

  • ohh im so sorry to hear that! you must be going through a really tough time have you been going to therapy or anything like that? yeah I've been feeling randomly nausea like almost everyday but anxiety can cause nausea as well which is confusing for me, and my breasts are also sore too. does it mean anything bad for our hormones not to ovulate? I'm going to GP tomorrow so will ask for the same thing. are you on any contraception at all?

  • Could be your thyroid your to young for menopause

  • Thank you. Yes I'm going through some hard times . No I'm not on any contraception

  • Stress can cause many things including being late in periods!

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