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Bad mornings

Still having more good days, or days that end up OK but lately the mornings have been awful. I wake up with tingly legs and a general weakness, don't want to eat and feel really weepy. I am lucky to be able to sleep for eight hours or more, maybe thats the Mirtazapine, but I just don't feel as if I have slept at all. I am diagnosed as GAD and am having counselling, but I just wish I could understand why I feel so bad sometimes when nothing has changed. Thank goodness for this site, for the help and comfort it provides and just knowing that there are so many out there, many far worse off than me, who are trying so hard to cope. My love goes ou to you all x

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Hi Araminta,

I don't take any meds so I can't comment on the Mirtazapine but I often feel like this in the mornings. Do you have depression too? I remember reading somewhere that anxiety is worse at night and depression worst in the mornings. I don't know if that is true but it seems to apply to me. I have to try and take things slowly so as not to get myself too worked up first thing but by early afternoon I've usually perked up. It could be a reaction to a bad night too though as I sleep badly and my mind can run away with it's self in the early hours!!!!

Hope you feel better soon.



Mornings should be banned! Tiz always worse in the mornings. I long to go to bed sometimes, to switch off, but dread the morning. I remember my mother being like this and I used to say to her 'can you just keep telling yourself that it will pass by lunchtime, and look forward to feeling better?' Now I tell myself that! My doc reckons it to do with hormones. It isn't always like this though, so take heart. xx


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