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Really Bad Today

I apologise for writing this so don't read on if you are also having a bad time.

I feel awful, so low and sad, can't seem to function, I don't feel like myself anymore. Have cancelled holiday I was going on next week as it is making me too stressed. I feel like I spoil everything and will never get back to feeling well. I don't know what to do anymore just sit there feeling numb, can't read, watch tv or anything. Meds don't seem to work but have tried so many over the years. I'm frightened and just want it all to stop. So sorry. Will try and contact doctor tomorrow don't want to but have no choice.

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Hi Boater,

I'm sorry to hear you're having a tough time at the moment. Have you ever had any counselling or therapy? I definitely think you should see your doctor tomorrow to discuss the way you are feeling, and you could ask about seeing a therapist.

I hope you start to feel better soon,

JB xx


Ah hun you sound like you are having a really rough time at the moment but i do suggest to you go back to see your gp and tell him how bad you are getting try not to feel guilty for cancelling your hol you will only make yourself worse and your anxiety more harder to come to terms with whats done is done hun the main thing is to focus on getting better and this wont happen until you get some help i too have had a rough few days and every time it comes i still cant seem to accept it is my anxiety and they do still affect my life but we can only do something about it ourselves love i suggest you go to your gp straight away and tell him you need some help hope you feel better soon but dont dwell on what you have done and just focus on trying to make it easier xxx


Sorry you are having a bad time Boater. I have been in a bad way these last few days also. It's a horrible feeling when you can't focus your mind to do something to distract it. I try very small steps, even if it is only reading 1 page of a book, going for a short walk, or washing my hair ( I have the cleanest hair I know). Just one small thing, but it's a positive step. I hope you speak to your GP tomorrow. Ask if they can refer you for online CBT course, here in Northern ireland it's called Beating the Blues but each area has their own name. X


its awful when you feel you have tried everything and theres nothing let to hope for. when things are bad they are really bad in a world of anxiety and depression. dont stress about the holiday, yourll get the next one. when we have bad days is really is the end of the world isnt it. definately see your docter and dont be fobed off, really stress your feelings. do you have family or friends you can talk to or spend time with? x


i feel like i spoil everything too, but we really shouldnt feel like this.. but i no its hard!! i let down people all the time and cancel things, theres no way i would be able to go on holiday or on a plane, and my family are in spain and i feel like im being selfish because i dont go visit them but i honestly cant, i get so stressed. your not alone & please dont feel like your spoiling things, people around you care and understand, its not your fault!! i wish i could make us all feel better, everyone that has an anxiety problem, other people that understand how difficult it is for us :( take care, and try not to be to stressed xxxxx


Thank you all so much, I'm trying to kep going. My doc has just rung back and said he can see me at 8.45 on Weds, I told him I wasn't coping and he said there were things that can help me. He is a nice doc just get upset talking about stuff. I've had this all my adult life and it feels like enough is enough. Did spend time in hospital 7 years ago and all those thoughts come back, it was not a good experience. Thanks for keeping me going, my Mum, Dad are all I have, it's so nice to have you all too xxxx


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