Sinking feeling

Sinking feeling

hi everyone,

it was my daughters birthday and i celebrated by having way too much to drink. walked home at 7am in pouring rain and decided to help out the bin men by procuring a massive black suitcase from outside 1 house and then a sink from another. the sink was put in the suitcase and i wheeled it home. it now has pride of place in my hallway.

i havent decided to dump them yet as im thinking they may serve as a reminder of why i should not drink. the failing liver is obviously not enough.

anyhoo, a good time was had by all, my OH is ready to book me a paded cell, and im off to cook some foodage lol xxx love cookie xxx


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26 Replies

  • glad you had a good time!

  • There's always ebay for the sink when you're ready ... ;). A nice fry up is in order now..... Can we expect to hear from your OH later ...?! x

  • lol, she is working till 8pm so i doubt it mate, the fry up ended up being curry noodles and pancakes which i have spilt some of on the bed due to rushing it and dribbling lol. xxx

  • Best get the fairy liquid on that stain then; or you might find the OH's plans for you and the suitcase being moved forward ... :)

  • Well cookie you never know when a spare sink and suitcase might come in handy !!

  • lol, i think my partner has plans for me and the suitcase, the sink may end up as a bird bath in the garden. lol xxx

  • Cookie I hope you have one big massive hangover

    I am really jealous.

    I want to have one too but the doc says it's bad for the ticker so I can't.

    Also any chance of the sink? Mine fell off the wall yesterday and cracked up.

  • hi grog, thanks mate lol, and yes i am still haning like a mo fo fo sho lol they go on for 3 days now, im never drinking again. xxx

  • Well, it beats a traffic cone anyway!!!! Much more original!!!!

    Hope you're ok, love.

    Enjoy your breakfast :)

  • Only Cookie!!!! :-D

    How can you eat with a hangover??? I can't eat without a hangover lol!

    Hope you enjoyed it, anyway, and glad you had a good time, you sill sod! :-/


  • i cant smoke when im hanging lol, i still dont feel well. oh well, self inflicted xxx

  • Sound like you had an interesting night. 'Ive never come home with a kitchen sink though lol. I'm looking forward to my night out tomorrow few cocktails are in order I think :-)

    Curry noodles and pancakes that's a new one for a hangover cure how did it do?


  • hi will, its a bathroom sink, good job i didnt want the bath that was with it. xxx

  • True you'd of had a fun time getting that home lol

  • lol, a two legged freaky drunk tortoise xxx

  • Yeah that could of worked and of you got tired you had a ready made shelter to sleep under lol.

    This isn't giving you ideas about going back and getting it is it?

  • Starts with T ends with T

    We are so going to have to get well , a night out with you sounds a blast :-D



  • Cookie which one is you on the pic , cos you both have long hair you cut yours of & it cant have grown back that quick :-o

    But its a beautiful pic ;-)


  • lol, im on the left wearing my daughters clip on extentions lol. what a tit lol xxx

  • you are not a t*t

    You are a wonderful Cookie , so glad you didn't bring the bath home as well



  • me too coz there would be no room in the hallway for the bin lol. xxx

  • :-D


  • Bah! whywhy

    I needed that bath I haven't been able to have one for eleven weeks




  • Sorry grog , you should have said :-D

    I would have talked her into bringing it home

    Goodness I have OCD & the thoughts of you not having a bath for eleven weeks is turning me purple now :-D


  • To be a bit serious for a second our kitchen/bathroom is 3 floors below my bedroom and I just cannot manage the stairs.

    When I was in hospital they had what they called a "wet room for the disabled" On my first day out of bed they put me in this wet room.

    Inside apart from the normal "facilities" was a large shower space with a plastic chair that one could use.

    So I turned on the shower and sat down on the chair.I was lathering away when I dropped the soap on the floor.

    Leaning forward to retrieve the soap I slipped off the wet chair and deposited my self on to a cold ,wet tiled floor! Boy the air was blue ....not purple.....and it took 3 nurses to pick me up.

    Not wishing to repeat the experience I had a blanket bath from then on.

    Now I'm home my beloved wife has carried on with the blanket baths.

    Trouble is the blanket is now so soggy that it makes it hard to sleep at night.




  • Bless you



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