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Night Terrors

Please excuse me.I am a bit nervous and not sure what to do.I have come across this place by accident.

What I need to no is does anyone here have trouble sleeping? I am scared of the night because I feel like I am going to die.I stop myself sleeping and sit up all night playing computer games and listening to the radio.It is driving my wife mad.

If I am out of order on here please tell me.


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I have just joined so you are my first reply-I don;t actually have those but have dealt with it as my 11 year old has anxiety problems. If you haven't been to see your G.P then this is the first thing you must do-urgently! It's obviously having a massive impact on your life and relationships..I would imagine you are under a massive amount of stress and anxiety.I would think it's a very common problem and your G.P will have seen this before..They will be able to put you on the first step to helping you with these horrible thoughts..good luck!



You are not out of order & welcome

We share how we are feeling on here, whatever that may be & people will show support & understanding so from what you have said you have found the right sight :-)

Not sleeping is a very common thing with people suffering from anxiety & the more we fear it the more we feed the fear & the thoughts get more irrational

You are certainly not on your own with this

I always wait till I am so tired before I go to bed

I would do as welcome to Worchester as well , go to see your GP , would be the first place to start , they have heard it all before , & maybe will give you something to help with this

Keep talking on here , there will be lots of support & suggestions , as well as you getting things of your mind by blogging





Hi . As a long term sufferer of Panic/Anxiety I have experienced every symptom going. I am 62 and suffered 35yrs . I to had a period where I was terrified lo sleep. I used lo walk the streets at night. I was constantly on the move . I thought that if i lay down I would die . Then came the stage where I was glad to sleep because I was free of my Anxiety. That was 30yr ago and guess what. Yup am still here. Its ourselves that create these. Thoughts and fears so we are the ones that can allay them. Get tough get angry with yourself and tell them to F__k off. They will keep going as long as you let them. If you was going to die during. The night playing a game or doing anything else would not prevent it. Keep visiting this sight . Preferably during the day x


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