Night Terrors

Hey guys, overall I've been doing well and I hope the same for all of you. I'm basically fine throughout the day until i lie down to sleep. Almost instantly when I close my eyes, I get lost in my brain with the strangest of thoughts and the strangest sensations in my body, vibrating, shaking, and subtle intense twitches of my limbs. Not overly concerned, but more annoyed. Just curious if anyone else has experienced these things.


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5 Replies

  • What kind of thoughts?? I get this as well

  • The thoughts are weird... for like 10 minutes it's as if absolutely nothing is going on and like i black out from the world and myself, then I come back into my brain and i'm lost with thoughts about the day, impossible scenarios, and overall fears.

  • When it comes to like subtotal twitching of your limbs, like you could be lying still and then your leg Twitches for no reason. I think that's pretty normal because I go through that from time to time. No one really knows what caused that but I think it's stressed sometimes. I remember one time when I woke up and I was shaking uncontrollably. It stopped after a few minutes. It was really spooky but nothing horrible happened thankfully.

  • Yeah some nights if I stay busy long enough I can go to sleep right away peacefully but I have had horrible nights before where my knee felt swollen as soon as I was getting in bed and I would get pinch nerve feelings around my get and sometimes head. Then I would be anxious and weird like I was gonna pass out but not really. Idk it's hard to explain but yeah I do get like weird internal shakiness sometimes when trying to sleep it's like a trembling or something.

  • Hi how, are you did you get any answer on this

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