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Whats wrong with me??

I took a bad reaction to a Vitamin B3 Niacin tablet nearly a year ago now..the flushing effect happened. I took antioxidants etc as i was told that it had affected my blood. Ever since every little thing i obsess over and freak myself out. When i am busy working away or doing things i am obviously not thinking of how i feel therefore i am ok, however at night time when i start to relax or any other time during the day when i get time to sit down and think i start to get not well. I have feeling were i feel like i am just going to get dizzy and faint, i sometimes get a fast heart beat, like the start of a panic attack however after 10 mins i am back to normal. At the moment i had a dull ache in my stomach which ive had for 3-4 days not and goes down to my feet....probably completely normal...however i freak out and obsess over and google my symptoms...which is not good, because at the moment i have a life threatening illness! haha. Is this anxiety after what has happened to me and because my brain is in overdrive its making me think im unwell? Please reply someone to put my mind at rest.

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I've had that flushing effect when I took chromium suppliment.

Its surprising to see how these vitamins and minerals in large doses can affect our bodies, and thats why I dont tough large doses now, just a multi vit occassionally.

It does sound like you are experiencing anxiety, as the symptoms sounds like it I would suggest explain it to your doctor, stay away from alchohol, lots of sugar, salt, caffiene and smoking as they can stimulate anxiety.

wishing you well




hello, thank you very much for your reply. Yeah i read up on it and apparently large doses can really affect you. Really scared me when it happened, and obviously have taken a reaction which is away now, but left me worried and freak out at slightest thing!! I never drink (bit of a lightweight) never smoked, so im half way there! :-) Hope you are ok. x


sounds like you have a good base to start from,

If you think what happens in a panic, a fight or flight reaction, we can see that if we dont fight or take flight, nothing further can happen, adrenaline will not keep being released.

this is not easy to do, but can be done.

Anxiety comes from within us, nowhere else, we take responsibility for it,

face the situation, accept it without running, float through the situation with as much acceptance a possible, and let time pass.

Anxiety will get a little worse then abate if allowed to.

All these symptoms can be very worrysome, in the end, we realise we have been winding ourselves up, we smile and know its all just thoughts, let it wash over us, and all is ok.

Hope these tips might help in some way

Wishing you well




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