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Gym tonight

So after yesterday's little vent I decided to get up in better mood..I thought to myself "damn the chest pains, if I'm going to snuff it I may as well get something useful done before then"

So I got up, washed the windows, cut the grass, dug out some weeds and during that time I didn't even feel any pains as soon as I sat down they came back.

So I thought I'll call the gym and try and get an induction and they said you can come off I go there..although I am slightly worried my "old" dodgy ticker gives up during exercise(I know I'm just being dramatic)

27 going on 100 lol :-)

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Good for you

It wont give in , blog later & say how it went , I no you will be back ;-)





Blummin heck well done you !!!!

Made me smile @ getting something done if ya goin to snuff it haha keep your sense of humour it helps....

That's great news though !! And you've achieved such a lot today.. :)

Sue x


You'll do fine at the gym bin getting my lazy arse back down the gym next week once I'm less germy.

27 going on 100 lol. Well at least cookie doesn't have to feel so bad about feeling 90 ;)


Well done Ashley,

Dont over do it, nice and steady.

Wishing you well




Very well done.

I could not have done what you have achieved today so I must give you 9 out of 10.If you blog when you come back from the gym you'll get a 12.

It just goes to show that if you can put the fear and anxiety to one side and get on with something else you can really do well.I just wish I had your "Go get"

All the best



Brilliant! It sounds like you've had such a positive day, you must feel a lot better for having got so much done about the house :)

It could have been easy for you to succumb to worry and anxiety when you noticed the pains coming back but you pulled yourself out of it and made another positive step! :) I hope you find the exercise to be helpful - it's amazing what good it can do just getting the blood pumping and hopefully it'll take your mind off things in the future now that you're signed up to the gym.

What a great day you've had, you should feel very proud!

Katy xx


Great story!!

Sense of humour really is Key,

And it just shows you and all of us that actually we can get on and do things,

Made me smile,



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