Anxiety is so bad tonight 😟

As soon as i get into bed this is when i have the worst anxiety, heart palpitations, stress and pains in my back and chest 😟 Literally feels like i'm about to die off


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  • Same! So fed up 😩

  • Same 😩 Hate been on my own incase something does happen but when im with people i dont even want to socialise 😟 Had enough

  • Having this right now too it's scary isn't it X

  • Its awful 😩😩 x

  • Yes .. all I can do is feel my pulse.. chest is tight it's awful

  • Same, trying to take deep breaths and take my mind off it but its not working.. can see this being a long night

  • I have these nights a lot i could cry I feel like hitting my myself just to feel the pain and to concentrate on that I stress of the anxiety (am not a nutter!) just its unbearable

  • Instead of the anxiety I meant to say

  • I know ive had a few outbursts of crying this week because i'm so fed up, always fearing the worst its awful

  • Hi Here2helpxLx, you are not going to die off and it doesn't have to be a long night. What you are feeling physically when you get into bed is your body readjusting to the tenseness of the day. As you settle down in bed, you body is outstretched rather than pulled forward in stress as you go along with your day. Enjoy the feeling of your body distressing. You may be sensitive to the things your feel but they are not harmful. Your heart, back and chest just want to chill for the next 6-8 hours to regenerate. The anxiety gets bad for you because you fear the feelings you will experience. It's a normal unwinding type approach to sleep. Try not to fight the fear. Listen to some soothing relaxation tapes and deep breath your stress away. Before you know it, you will be fast asleep. Should you wake up in the middle of the night, repeat that deep breathing and relaxing. Once your body gets use to it, you will no longer have a problem with anxiety symptoms. Breathe.....

  • I suppose, its just a horrible feeling.. thank you

  • Your so nice Agora1 very caring person

  • Also Ive heard 3 stories today of young fit people just literally falling down dead. So when people tell me to calm down nothing will happen to me.. but what about those 3 and others?? That's my anxiety my body just packing in .. I must wear my heart out every evening.. and I read on google that it can be damaging to your heart 😫 But then other people say it's fine just fight or flight.. think am going to go back on med as this is so depressing.. and yes I read or watch tv to take mind off it but it just continues

  • Exactly i just dont get it, its crazy! As soon as i see or hear a story my minds off on one!

  • I feel like my mind and me are 2 different people 😫 .. think am gonna get locked up in a mental hospital πŸ™ˆ

  • I thought i was crazy (still do haha) because i felt i had a personality problem or bipolar or something and i begged to be taken away but they didn't. I feel like if i was actually there now it would be an eye opener because there are people there who have tremendous amount of suffering. but that being said it does not mean your issues are any less, i guess i am trying to say you are not crazy and unless a doctor is telling you to, you do not need to go to a mental hospital.

    I am not the best ad giving or receiving advice and explaining my point across but i hope you all have a wonderful and maybe aa insightful day today. All the best wishes

  • I just got into bed and have had 3 Palps . God I just want to relax n peace ✌️

  • Try listening to soft relaxing music when you lay down of a night time or when ever you need to sleep x ut does help

  • I'm having shortness of breath rn :(

  • This happens to me all the time you are not alone in this!!! What I do is I always sleep with water beside me I find that it helps for at least me when I feel anxious and my head palps I drink water and sit up and take deep breathes! If that doesn't work I like to get up walk around my room and stretch a little that always helps just get your mind off it. If I can't sleep because of these symptoms I listen to music or I search up calming sounds on YouTube and play that and it helps. Hope you're doing well xx

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