Struggling bad tonight

I've had a rough weekend. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go and get an ultrasound of my abdomen done. No food or water after midnight which is in about 15 minutes. I've dropped about 30 lbs in the last month and while my doctor says it could be from the anxiety (bad eating habits, not sleeping well), he wanted to order tests to make sure that we didn't miss something somewhere. I've had ultra sounds before and I know they aren't a big deal, but I can't stop stressing that they are going to find something bad this time :(


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  • Why are you going for an ultrasound. Are you feeling ill or just not getting enough sleep at night. I have had an ultrasound and they found i have diverticulosis. Hope everything will be well with you. Let us know how it all went.

  • I was sent because of the weight loss. My doctor wants to make sure its the anxiety that caused it and not some other underlying problem.

  • Well I had the test done, but the lady who did it said she couldn't give me any results. Now I'm sitting here stressed that at any moment my doctors office will call and tell me God knows what :(

  • I just had a. Ultrasound of my abdomen as well . The ultrasound tech told me if anything was wrong she wouldn't let me leave. Your doctor should have results soon . There is no harm in calling the office yourself. I'm sure if they seen something abnormal they would have gotten a doctor.

  • That's what my wife kept telling me too. It's an independent place though so there was only a radiologist there...who didn't come into the room. I'm probably stressing over nothing. I had a bad experience before where I was allowed to leave and called later that afternoon to immediately come back for surgery so I'm just paranoid.

  • I think you'll be fine. But they have no idea what it means to a person with anxiety to have to wait on test results. It's really hard to do . I completely understand. Call them later on today .

  • Yeah I figure if I haven't heard from them I'll call them around 1pm or so. I have an appointment next Thursday but definately don't want to wait that long.

  • So update: apparently everything came back as normal so I guess my massive weight loss is just yet another side effect of this newfound anxiety. Now I just have to break the stressing habits and regain the weight.

  • What exactly do you think they look for and what do you think they can see I'm just curious ? By the way I'm so happy for you !

  • Thanks!! I'm super relieved myself. They were making sure I had no blockages or problems with my organs. According to the scan they are working normally and no lesions or built up fluid or anything.

  • I was just wondering like what they can tell by that because I had my abdominal ultrasound as well but I just wonder like what they could see because I'm having problems with my tum . I've had a Ct scan, ultrasound, blood test and stool samples. They say I'm fine but sometimes I don't feel like I am. And according to my G.I. doctor my symptoms don't warrant a colonoscopy . I am 29 so I guess they look at age and symptoms . But they never explain to me with the test are for like tell me why you know everything's OK ! I honestly think a big part of it is lack of communication sometimes .

  • What kind of problems?

  • Like gassy, heart burn , sometimes dull pains . Burping a lot . I had gotten sick in June and had swollen lymph nodes in my small intestine. They said it was nonspecific and it was caused by viral or bacterial him but maybe I just been oversensitized them I am abdominal region because I googled. πŸ˜’ And seem to think about it quite often.

  • A lot of those could either be your anxiety or could be acid reflux top. Have you asked your doctor about an endoscopy where they put a tube down your throat to check for that?

  • She said they would but she said that I don't need any further testing I do take omeprazole 40 mg . Seems to really help but I do have gallstones as well but they're not supposed to be obstructing anything but sometimes I feel like maybe they're causing my digestive issues or what I believe are my digestive issues .

  • You'd think they'd do the surgery to remove your gallbladder if you have a lot of stones. You should ask them why surgery hasn't been done. I'd be curious.

  • They said that they were bothering anything but I do have quite a few stones I actually seen them ultrasound tech showed me . Both of my doctors said that they were not going to take them out unless I started having pain but I see my primary on the 21st and I'm going to ask him about some pills that you can take to dissolve the stones I read about it I don't know if that's an option or not .

  • That's a way better solution than surgery for sure. I'm seeing my GI tomorrow to see what he thinks about doing the scope...just to cover all avenues to make sure my problem is truly anxiety.

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