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I sometimes wake up after a night with fairly vivid dreams and get going alright in the morning but suddently I have this feeling of being detatched and distant. I suppose its a sort of unrealism and not feeling quite fully 'with it' Sometimes there is a real tiredness and the urge to cry,. Its disappointing and not a nice feeling am I alone or do any others have this feeling. It undermines my confidence. The past past week has been much better and I hoped it was all going away. Cotonroad

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I used to have similar feelings of "detachment" when I was a teenager....many many years ago.I used to feel unreal and seemed to be looking down on myself.The feeling used to come on quite out of the blue and at any time of the day or night.I remember that when people used to speak to me their voices seemed far away and echoed.

The doctor told me it was "de-personalisation" and quite common in anxious people.I had it for about 6 months and then it just went and has never come back.

Wishing you all the best



Thank you so much I understand it is another odd feeling that can be caused by anxiety I hope it soon goes away too. . cotonroad


Hi cotonroad

Yes I have this too. I'm sure it's part of anxiety. I describe it as an outside looking in feeling and like you say not "with it" kind of feeling. I went for a walk last week and felt like I'd left myself at home it is very weird and tiring. Try to just let the feeling be there without worrying or giving it too much attention and it will pass. Love eve x


Thanks thats just what its like and so tiring yet if I doze in the day I wake feeling fearful and strange, as you say its no doubt all a part of the anziety, wish it would all go away. I think the mirtazapine makes me sleep at night but I dream a lot and that doesn't help the weird feelings. I have no wish to know anyone suffers but its good to know we are not alone, or unusal either. When I read about all the well known poeple in the limelight who take drugs and have therapy every day I feel I am really quite well !! Thanks for your cotonroad


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