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Sudden change??

Had anxiety problems for 20+ yrs and docs were neva much help!! My last meds Citalopram made me so ill I had to stop taking them after just one week. I found that after one week had passed that my head felt more balanced and the anxiety had lowered some... This has improved gradually ova the last 4 weeks to the point I feel quite good!! Although i still dont sleep well and the dizzy wobbles are still there I am managing life better. Not really sure what is happening but im liking it very much.. I am finding that when I feel an anxious moment coming on I just say no and think of something good and positive and this helps. Still a long way to go and its one day at a time but its progress... I now have hope for my future..:-D.xx

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Thank you for sharing this...and well done



We need positive on here, its all down stuff... Negative just creates more negative ..xx


Hi , yes I agree , its good to see positive blogs , gives hope to everyone , that as we find the right way for us things can get better

I wish you well & hope things continue to get better & better





I lasted 3 days with Citralopram. Made me grind my teeth, sick, couldn't eat or sleep. I just couldn't put myself through that for 3 weeks.


my jaw locked several times Ashley, the rest is something I would like to forget, we are not born with this so we can beat it... I have faith in that now..xx


Well your positivity gives me hope!



Look for nino777, he spells it out so well and its working for me in many ways. His theory and research gives hope to us all... I think its a man lol.:-D


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