Beyond anxious tonight!

I am beyond anxious tonight. I have a cat scan scheduled for tomorrow morning to check my kidneys and bladder for microscopic blood in my urine, I have been crying for days, no appetite and just stressed. My husband is not comforting at all. I have no one to talk to and I am looking for a little encouragement or kind words. I am actually shaking and have to try and sleep as I need to go to work tomorrow after the test is done. I'm going alone and am so scared. Thanks for reading this.


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  • Hello there! You sound in a right state, and I can relate to how you are feeling. Has your GP or another health professional talked to you about what the CAT scan involves? Do you think the wait for be scan has caused you to become anxious, or is it something else (I'm not asking you to answer this in public!)? Waiting to have any form of health procedure is scary and very stressful, and you need to tell the staff who look after you when you have the scan just how you are feeling; they will be very used to frighted and anxious people.

    I have had a CAT scan in the past, nothing painful involved whatsoever. However, I got myself into such a state that I was convinced a wasp had got into the scanner with me! I am absolutely terrified of wasps at the best of times, but this feeling that a wasp had got in the scanner was totally daft as it was February! What I realised was that the wasp thing is something that comes out in me at times of huge pressures and stress. I have a good knowledge of health and knew what to expect with a CAT scan, but what I didn't realise at the time was how stressed and anxious I had actually become in the lead up.

    I know this might be a daft question, but have you seen your GP? This might be a good idea while you re feeling so anxious. My heart goes out to you, and obviously I wish you all the very best for the scan. Cx

  • Thank you for responding. I'm on my way in a couple of hours and I will keep you posted. I will definitely speak to the staff about my being anxious, thanks again

  • Unless you have claustrophobia, the CT scan itself will likely be surprisingly easy. As for the microscopic hematuria, I've had it for over 40 years and it is termed "idiopathic hematuria". Meaning no known cause. It has not been a problem except when I go to a new doctor who does not know about it.

  • Hi, did you get on with scan? I hope you are starting to feel a little less anxious now, as I know this is such a dreadful feeling.

    Best wishes

    Cath xx

  • Hi Catherine, I made it through the awaiting results...I'm trying very hard to control this anxiety. Thanks for asking and will keep everyone posted. Thanks for the support

  • Just found out that I need an MRI because the dr. Discovered cysts on my I back to being anxious once again....the mri is scheduled for next wed. I've been crying and just having a hard time handling this

  • Hi how are things !? I'm only 21 and I I have hematuria blood in the urine I can't see for over a year now and just had my CT done about 3 days ago and now waiting to hear back . I've been feeling so scared to up late thinking about things scared ' I cry too . I'm so scared it's gonna be kidney disease of something since the blood in the urine been in their for how long :(

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