Why do we get disturbing thoughts?

I get really bad thoughts as some of you may have read previously. I understand they are a part of anxiety but they are so overpowering I'm getting freaked out. I wouldn't even tell people what thoughts come into my mind as I'm too afraid, but I would also like to know if I'm normal. I can't win. I feel like my brain is detached.

I also find my brain is very sensitive to bad things happening in the news (now I don't watch/read it). Even tv programmes, if something bad happens, it really bothers me! Sounds so messed up.

Does anybody else experience any of the above? Thanks for your help xxx

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  • I get frequent thoughts about dying do you?

  • I get a lot of mixed up thoughts knowles without wanting to go into detail. Thanks for your reply, hope you are well

  • Yes this is one of my things too. I've been like this all my life but it's worse when I am driving or doing something else 'dangerous' like going on a trip. It got worse after my child was born to the point everything scared me.

    I used to allow myself five mins worry time per day and save it up til then. Sounds silly but it did help!

  • Thanks worry magic I will try this! Sorry for late reply x

  • Hiya Luv

    Ive been suffering really bad with anxiety recently and yes I have all sorts of weird thoughts come into my head, which I prob wouldn't want to open up about either, so yeah I think when anxiety is high you do think random thoughts............ unfortunately though this makes you feel more anxious!!

    So I hope this helps that you are at least not on your own??

    Ker xx

  • Hi Ker and thank you for you reply. I am glad to know it's not just me, but can't help worry how my brain can do this to me, it feels like it's someone else's!

    Hope you are well xx

  • Hi Loo

    Me to , & I have never liked the news from been a small child , I used to hide behind the settee because I couldnt bear to hear bad things , i dont do that now , bit to big I feel , but still , i reach for the remote & turn over

    These thoughts , I no they are frightening , but as I have said , remember they are thoughts & I have heard when thoughts cause us fear , its a good thing as we will never do what we are thinking if thats what you are worried about or we wouldnt fear them

    As you get better with you anxiety , they will get less

    If they are really concerning you , you could speak to your GP , but feel you may not want to do this , but be reassured , you are not loosing it & others have had the same to




    ps . liking the new profile pic :)

  • Whywhy, thats so right! I get so worked up because I think why the hell am I thinking that, I would never dream of acting on any of these thoughts, and yhen I think I'm evil! Could never tell anybody, I would tell a gp about the thoughts but certainly not what they entail.

    Going back to the news, I literally block my ears and hum until it's off, quite funny really! And I am a grown woman touching her thirties ha!

    Thanks hun I needed a pic :-) couldn't quite squish it all in but it's easily guessed ha.

    I sent a little good luck message earlier, hope all went well for you and that your ok xx

  • Loo

    I do no what you are talking about

    These thoughts , evil people just act on them & they dont get anxious about them , in fact they think what they do is normal , which is evil

    Thought s caused by anxiety , which is the anxiety causing them , give you the reaction you are getting , tell them to do one , hum over them , if you can give them less importance they will fade


  • Makes perfect sense when you put it like that whywhy. Thanks for your help xx

  • I get the same thoughts.. its not nice it actually makes u feels so bad doesnt it. I thought I was going insane at one point I went to gp that put me on tablets that made me worse so I am now truing to deal with things alone hard but dont let the thoughts get to u mine still get to me sometimes but im gettin better! They can be disturbing and horrid but dont worry! Its normal in anxiety and youll learn to cope.

  • Thanks whywhy what a helpful answer!

  • I often have disturbing thoughts about different outcomes to situations when I'm feeling low, I can't stop them and they often make me cry because I know its not what I want to happen.

  • Ah ellie they are horrific aren't they. I suppose we all have to just fight it. We'll all be better one day I'm sure

  • Hi LooLoo

    Your post reminds me of a book I read when pregnant, Miriam Stoppard I think. The book was pretty useless but this one thing stuck with me.

    She was talking about having a crying baby & how a mother had told her she was so distressed because she had thought, fleetingly, of putting a pillow over the baby's face.

    She insisted such thoughts are natural, we think if I do this the baby will stop crying. To THINK it is natural, normal & nothing to worry about, to ACT on it is a different thing. If we are scared by our worrying thoughts then we are normal, but they are just thoughts, unwelcome ones, intrusions.

    I'm sorry you're being disturbed by your thoughts but try to remember they are just that, nothing more.

    Take care


  • Sorry for the late reply thomson, and thank you for your response. It is a comfort to know that it is a normal thing. I just need to get a control on them. I wonder whether to look into books with more explanation x

  • Hi LooLoo

    I hope I can help here by telling you whats actually causes these bad thoughts.

    The cause of bad thoughts is through the build up of adrenaline which is produced during anxiety and periods of worry, its basically your bodies way of getting rid of the excess adrenaline. its also the confusion of how your feeling that what makes these thoughts seem real. Take these thoughts as just anxiety and adrenaline playing there tricks on you and dont react to them and show them little respect. They wont be there when your recovered so why show them any respect? If your trying to rid yourself of these thoughts you are giving nasty thoughts a false sence of importance and with a anxious mind it makes these stick and keep coming, put it this way if fighting these thoughts worked you would be better by now. The way i say is to give up the fight with yourself and give your body the chance to rest and recover. This is coming from experience, trust me I'm not full recovered but im on the journey of recovery and this is one of the things that kept me in the circle of anxiety, my bad thoughts! i was so scared by mine i was bed ridden for 4 months and wouldnt leave the house unless it was critical. I took this advise I learned and it has calmed them down to the point i get them now and them but since I know what they are they soon shrink to nothing and trust me my thoughts was dark and horrid! I hope this helps you understand why they come and how to over come them :)

  • Hi johnramboscat and thanks so much for that response. It's given a better insight into it all. I'm starting to learn to deal with them. I know it's not going to go away over night but it's a start. They just overwhelm me completely so hopefully they will calm soon. Thanks again x

  • hi looloo

    I'm glad its helped, I have a link to a website thats helped me with all aspects of anxiety and I also brought his book but Since Im new im not sure if your allowed to post links etc. Trust me all the information on his website will help a lot, he dont force his book or app on anyone as his website and blog is enough but his book does go more into depth, I used to be a really head strong bloke to all this came along and I'll be first to admit when i read his website I cried for hours since its like hes reading you like a book as everything he says is just what your feeling, this is where I learnt all this from as he gives you the answers that the doctors and GP's dont.

    If you want the the link let me know



  • Hi could I have the link please, sorry I missed yhis response

  • anxietynomore.co.uk/anxiety...

    this is the site but ive linked to the thoughts part, you can navigate from there :) let us know how you get on


  • Can you please send me the link .

  • Can you please send me the link that u have mentioned in your post about a book.

    Would really appreciate.

  • I would love to know the nam f your book thank

  • Hi Matt any chance you could forward that link please. Glenn

  • I think if we don't occupy our bodies (exercise) or our minds (work) with productive things, the opposite, bad version of those things will start to grow. Chalk it up to imagination or not having a definite goal in life, but these things are just symptoms. Luckily if you sweat your butt off and work everyday then you won't have time to get bad thoughts. That's what works for me and I've been on meds before (Xanax) and I'm better off now. peerdiagnosis.com/what-does...

  • Thanks for that response sorry I missed it

  • I am going through the same thing now. Started on the 2 of nov and seems to come and go but it scares me as well

  • I have read slot of your post and I feel a little better, the thoughts are scary and make me cry and wonder what's wrong with me, the anxiety scares me as well which causes the thoughts, my therapist has said pretty much what all of you have posted. Glad I found yall. Feel more relief and know I am not crazy now.

  • I have the same the thoughts are unreal!!!

  • These thoughts suck! Im the same and would never want to open up about them

  • I also get disturbing thoughts of all sorts of stuff I don't want to think about, it's like a pulsing thought type thing. Like the thoughts are attacking me and won't leave me alone. I don't open up about mine either because they're so weird and they're not me at all and I'm so scared of what someone would think of me. I've been looking for people to talk to who have been having this same problem so I don't feel so alone so if you need anyone to talk to you can come to me. I've found its also easier to tell people you don't know your problems.

  • Hi... i have been struggling for a month now.. there are days that i can deal with them and days that i cant...im about to go see a doctor but im thinking twice..im not comfortable of taking meds...i be

    lieve this is a matter of training the mind not to put impact on the weird things come to it

    Any advise would be much appreciated

  • I'm getting freaked out too!

    I get really bad thoughts, which i'd rather not discuss. i am not crazy nor do i take medication (Should i be). I don't understand why the thoughts are there. I cry and it's making me so frustrated and scared they wont leave me alone.

    It only happens 99% of the time when I am going to bed. Also I worry about sleeping lately because i think i might talk in my sleep about it.

    I was having a really bad dream the other night and i woke up from the person next to me, and i asked was i talking in my sleep and told me just dont worry and went back to sleep.

    I get that angry I'm telling my mind to shut up and why and please get out of my head. Is there a demon in my head or something? i seen a lady to see if there was something spiritual going on and she said there are angels with you don't worry, but i did not mention the stuff that gets in my head.. i tried a crack pipe thing this year (i totally regret it and i hope no one ever ever does that) and when i was coming down that's when the messed up thoughts started. Did it fry my brain somehow people? I have been through a lot in my life, could this be why? i don't know :/

    I haven't slept much over the last couple of days, now too, I am so tired because i also get horrible dreams every night before i go to sleep i also think about something that happened in my life and i want to forget it. i just want the nightmares and disturbing thoughts gone.

  • Hi I my name is bea its terrible thing to say I go through the same thing everyday I also thought my mind was different from everyone else I get extremely anxious horrible dreams (not nightmare) but very real dreams and on top of that the solution to my problems always seems to be suicide feel so low I only started takimg propranolol a week ago 2 10 a day among other medicines for depression don't think that I will continue takimg it as its making me worse sorry for the sad news take care and hopefully stay in touch

  • Yes I understand my thoughts got me So Mentally drained so many evil n bad thoughts and the thing is its one After Another thought ' I hate it

  • Hey,

    I to stuffed from these ( the worse part of a anxiety disorder I think), but what I've learnt is that everyone has them!

    The difference here is a person without anxiety disorder will just strug these off while people with a anxiety disorder will worry about these to the extreme!!

    You have to train your brain to accept that it's normal and then you can discount them and move on.

    I hope this helps

  • I love this place im no longer alone no matter how bad my thoughts if I agree to them they go away

  • What you have said totally applies to me...I'm the same,the Scarry thing is that when I hear something bad,like the news about terrorist or like Scarry gruesome movies,violent movies,I get really bad thoughts about them,your mind would scare you and taunt you,your mind plays games with you..When I was younger I have always been a nervous wreck like I am now (by the way I'm 24 female)..I don't really know how I got through this anxiety as a child but I got through it..the thoughts that I have,although I am very feminine and innocent looking,no one would ever think I had very bad thoughts of violence but I did...guys how do you get through this...I'm in the same boat as you are,irrational thoughts that I don't want in my head...your not alone...they say you could ignore bad thought,I wonder how other people do that....I know this thoughts I'm having is just a mask,but the truth is I'm scared of changes,I'm an adult now,I think I've just realised I didn't wanna be alone,so much challenges,I'm just scared of the future...I think that's the truth behind all of those ugly thoughts I'm having....your not alone,I hope that helps...I know I'm never going to do those thoughts,Im just really scared of this thoughts....

  • Yes absolutely I hate the thoughts and can't watch tv shows that bother me!!!

  • Don't worry, you're not alone! Everything you have just written is everything I'm going through as well.

    It really scares me too having these bad thoughts, especially when I know I'm not a bad person!

    I've had to stop watching and listening to anything that might possibly make me upset as well.

    I go and see a psychiatrist and she tells me to remember that it is just a thought and it will pass.

  • I dislike thoughts .. A majority are bad like the devil is speaking to me. The mind is abhorrent and I dislike many things it bestows on us. I thought for many years I am the only one to think such horrific things but I am not. It is when we act on the negative thoughts is when there is a problem.

  • I've been getting the most horrific thoughts lately, really disturbing stuff. I thought I was a bad person but I'm starting to realise these thoughts and visions aren't me, they're a manifestation of my anxiety.

    I have visions of myself and my children being tortured, abused, beaten etc. And they're REALLY horrific and graphic. I can't bare to go into detail but I read your post and realised I'm not alone. And I'm not a bad person. Thank you 😊

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