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Done and dusted

You lot have been great on here. You help each other out and are there for each other. My ex (yes finally after 8 months) wallows in his self pity. He should take a leaf out of you're book and be the same. All he can say is his head is f@@ked. A lot of you are in the same boat and dont act like he does. Anyway he has made me realise i can do no more. He cant say how he feels about me. I see day after day you on here giving each other a lift, but he cant. what a joke. Things that have not been said made me realise i am wasting my time now..................i hope to stay around on here, and be some help...................though havent really been much use lately. Thank you everyone for the advice since i have been on here. Much love. x

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I am sorry , I don't no what to say

You have been a saint to him & you have been great to us on here

I wish you all the best & hope you find someone who deserves you

I do hope you stick about , you were on here when I first joined & you would be missed

Hope you no we think a lot about you & you are always welcome on here with us all , if you can put up with us





Thanks Whywhy.............lets face it, its been on the cards for a long time. When i asked him tonight if i was the best thing that had happened to him and he was willing to lose it.................and i got what do you mean by that.....well that means nothing. He couldnt answer. If i meant anything he would say. I have had to go back on shifts but will be watching and when ready be back commenting again................Thank you for the kind words, and course i can put up with you all. xxxxxx


Oh, Lou, hun, I'm so so sorry, hun! But like Why said, you have been so supportive of him, you couldn't have done more - and you've lovely on here too. I'm really really sorry, my love, but maybe it's the best, time to move on with your life and, eventually - not immediately, I know, but not too long - find someone who is worthy of the love and commitment you offer. I pray so, love!

And yes, please stick around, it's lovely having you on here, if asWhy says, you can put up with us nutters! :-p Don't forget, you can rant and wail too, if you want/need to - we're here for you, too!

Lots of love and big hugs




Rose...............dont be sorry. I can walk away with my head held high, knowing i did what i could. He isnt willing to help himself, and wants to keep his head in the sand well no-one else can help him. He is surprised when i said i dont want to be friends. I have been messed about enough. Clean break. I have been wailing for too long. Now its time for me and my kids.

Thank you. xxx


hi lou 41, so sorry to hear about your troubles but he obviously doesn't what he is missing ( and this is from a bloke ,) youx have definitely come to the right site tho as whywhy,& briar rose have said they are like a family on here when ones hurting we are all hurting , when ones happy we are all happy, so keep blogging .love xx


Newton thanks for that. I know anxiety can take over everything, but surely a few words here and there dont hurt.................yeh its his loss but hey ho, life does go on. One day he may realise, thats his problem not mine. xx


Oh Lou,

Somewhere in the future he will come up for air and realise how blessed he has been to be loved by someone as patient, compassionate and caring as you. Someone who has turned herself inside out to try and understand, not to judge just to be there for him. Then he'll know what he had and he'll know then what a mistake he has made letting you go. You're a rock, Lou. He's not going to find better.


You deserve so much more, darling. You have gone so much further with him and for him than anyone I know. Now you need your life back. You need a future and a full life with someone who loves you and appreciates you.

I'm glad you're planning to stick around though ~ you are loved and valued here and I for one have benefitted so much from your care and support. We'd hate to loose you.

Love and Best Wishes,


Thanks FL

That means a lot. I aint gona disappear with everyone on here helping me through the last 8 months of hell. Hopefully now i can get back to helping others, as lately i havent been able to say much, or know what to say.

I hope you are ok. Thanks for being one of those that have helped me.xx


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