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Thankyou all and goodbye

Everybody,I have not been a member here very long.I joined because I suffer from health anxiety and sleeping problems.In fact I have had no proper sleep for 3 days.

Anyway yesterday I replied to a blog without reading it properly.I saw Eating Disorder and assumed it meant over eating.The reply I made was not appropriate and as I was the first to answer I think some other people followed me and made the same mistake as me.

I sincerely apologise to the person who wrote the blog and to one or two other people who thought I was trying to take the P...

i WAS not and I am sorry.People here have been good to me and helped me a lot and I do appreciate it.

I would like to say thanks to you all and after this I shall delete my account so that I shall not make the same error again



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Hey Bert, your choice of course, but Im sure Scragga or anyone else wouldn't wish you to delete your account. I t was an honest mistake ( probably not helped by your lack of sleep ! ) A very forgiving bunch here. No one will hold it against you, Im sure, we've all got the wrong end of the stick before!


We all make mistakes, Ive been there dont go


No don't do that! We all make mistakes ......don't delete your account,



Bert Please don't go

As a fellow sufferer from health anxiety and insomnia you have twice kept me company in those dark dark hours between midnight and 6am and I am grateful to you.I try to be happy and make people laugh if I can but now I feel sad.If you have deleted your account I am sure you can open another one.PLEASE


Don't make Grog sad Bert! Who knows what colour he'll go :)


Bert - we all make mistakes. You have made a very gracious apology, and you were not the only one who was confused - several people went down the same blind alley - it's just human and I am sure the person you replied to would not want you to leave. You are within your rights to delete your account, but if you are not sleeping you must be so exhausted and may be feeling quite terrible right now. Take a while to think about it, try to get some rest and remember all of us here are a bit like you, having a bad time of things and just looking for someone else who understands what we are going through.

Hang in there my friend.


I agre with everyone else dont go you must br feeling terrible right now due to lack of sleep'

I often worry about replying to ppl as I feel like a gibbering idiot compared to some on here.

Hope you can get some sleep soon :)



Please don't do that , if that is the only reason you are going to delete your account , then don't

From time to time there are misunder standings on here , I have had them , but people mean no harm & they straighten back up again

I don't feel your comment did as much harm if any as you think & we all get the wrong end of the stick sometimes

Why don't you think about it , maybe the lack of sleep may not be helping I no when I am tired I get more sensitive

Its been lovely having you on here , even though we havnt talked to much , but if this site is doing anything to help , you are a member as much as us all , I would be so sad to see you go





Don't be daft!!! We've only just met you - you can't leave so soon!!!

Seriously this is a community for everyone. No harm was done and certainly no harm intended. These things happen. It's the problem of the written word. Sometimes we get the wrong end of the stick. Sometimes we get the wrong stick entirely!!! Please don't give it another thought and please don't


NOOOOOO!!!!!! Don't go!!!! Like others have said, it was an honest mistake, we all make them - join the human race :) - PLEASE don't leave because you misread one blog, as Why says, we've all be so sad if you felt you had to leave cos of one misunderstanding! :'(

Please don't go!!!!





Dear Bert,

We have not spoken before but after seeing Muffin's last blog and subsequently yours, I had to reply. You have every right to be here. We all misinterpret things and sometimes one small error can result in something bigger, but if it was genuine mistake, and I KNOW it was, then really it's no one's fault, so please don't blame yourself.

I know because you were the first to comment you are feeling even more in doubt as it appears people read it and followed on from your comment as a knock on effect, but the needed to read the blog in itself as much as the next person or the person before. Your words alone did not result in other people following,as it was there choice to process the blog the way we did and comment that way too. So you cannot be deemed responsible by the genuine mistakes of others. At all.

No one is holding anything against you or is going to judge you. None is here to judge, blame or point the finger at everyone, we're all in this together. And the lady herself said it look. You HAVE to stay if Muffin is asking you to. Not to mention the number of other responses you have received, a lot of people obviously care about you and you're obviously well valued. The choice is yours, but I urge you to at least have a good think about before leaving rather than make a rash decision, take into account all the factors as it's not something to be taken lightly at all. (Certainly don't leave on this one account because I can assure you, in a week's time it would all have been forgotten!)

I sincerely hope my words, and the words of others, are enough to encourage you to rethink this.

Take care and kindest regards,

wanderingwallflower xx

MY REPLY TO whywhy:

I thought others would want to see this. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry to everyone, if I came across at all as offensive in my response to Muffin ('My blog was total disaster') - that wasn't the intention. I just got a bit ahead of myself, wanted to reassure her and cover all aspects of everything but I can see I rushed it and when I read everything back I could see how ridiculous I was being.

I guess it should be bared in mind that anxiety is socially isolating and even on this site, can effect or even impair our communication (as well as the way in which we perceive behaviour towards us) and cause us to feel paranoid. It's inevitable really. What's important is that we all have the best interests in one another. To sum it up whywhy could not have put it better herself, we ALL get it wrong.



But they should have read Muffin's blog as much as the next person*

You cannot be considered responsible for the genuine mistakes of others*

No one is here to judge, blame or point the finger at anyone*

^ The lady herself ^ *

In a week's time it would have all been forgotten - learnt from, and moved on from*

Sorry for mistakes. :) xx


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