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Sunday Bloody Sunday

Morning guys hope everyone is having a good and positive weekend. Mine has sucked if I'm honest. Although I was out last night couldn't relaxed and was on edge just didn't feel part of the company I was in and it was for my birthday.

I've felt really low this last four days or so and my anxiety has been back has a week were it was there but only in the background. Just can't seem to get myself out of this slump. I gave moments were I laugh and joke, but it's always followed by a smack in the face of emotion. I just feel so alone at the minute I hate it. I'm really grateful for the people on this site who do help cheer me up some especially cookie and whywhy they have been looking after me. Even if they do keep arguing over who's hugging me the most and talking about my pants :-)

Well should really get back to work. Hopefully I'll be home soon and can chill. Only working till Wednesday then got 6 days off hopefully that wi help get my head straight. Oh s*#t just remembered I'm 30 in two days :-/

Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather.

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Lol 30, I can't remember that far back now the dementia is setting in. I keep forgetting if I'm 45 or 46 lol, have to think about it.

I'm sure I speak for whywhy too when I say it's a pleasure to know you. You help us too will, you are a lovely person with a good sense of humour. You must have putting up with us two lol :-)

Now stop skiving and get back to work :-)



Yes you do speak for me to Cookie , our Will , go on we will share him then ;-)

(bet your anxiety has just soared will at that thought )

But yes , you are a lovely person , great sense of humour , & a lovely 7 inch tat as well

I no you say you keep laughing then wanting to cry maybe , but think of the positive , you are managing to laugh , which is good

Will its still early days , but Cookster & I along with everyone else on here , will be with you , so don't feel alone , you wont get rid of us that quick ;-)

Yes get some work done (they are paying you after all ) :-D



Right I asked what was 7 inches on my other post was confused the tattoo is a bit bigger than that it takes up my whole right side pretty much.

I don't mind bring shared about :-)

Don't worry I'm not wanting rid of you lot just yet lol.

I'm finished now and I'm at home in bed watching a bit of TV. So yeah your now joking me in bed lol.

Hey they get exactly what they pay for lol


15 years isn't that long ago and I'm sure your younger at heart hehehe :-D

I've enjoyed getting to know the pair of you to and I'm glad I can help you guys out.

Can you tell my ex how lovely and funny I am she might change her mind lol

I wasn't skiving I was on a much needed break that concrete I was humping about was heavy. home now though :-)


nope , not telling your ex , she wasn't good enough for you ...she would take you away from us as well , we no there is something better going to come along for our Will ..you have to wait ;-)

What you mean put up with us now ...this is a life long commitment you have made here:-D

The 7 inch , of course we mean the tat , as if we would be talking about anything else , shame on you :-D

Stop teasing us as well , now you are in bed , what you like ;-)

Cookie has gone quite , think this is a sign she has dropped that TV :')





She was more thsn good enough, but thats dilly old me tslking lol.

She wouldn't take me away you wouldn't get rid of me that easily :-)

Well you know I'm easily confused with all this talk of 7 inches I keep telling you I'm a good boy honest :-D

I'm not teasing was just letting you know I was home safe and sound and chilling on my comfy bed. Got some washing to put away in a bit booo was enjoying being lazy after all that humping.

Oh god lets hope not she'd be in a lot of trouble if she has. Maybe I should of offered to help with the gravy lifting lol.

What my good friend whywhy up to anyway?


It's all about the gravy baby lol

No I didn't damage it, I handled the 52 inches like a pro :- o lol xxx

I'm still struggling, I keep stopping for fag breaks. Xxxx


Cooking Will , Sunday dinner , get fed up with them to be honest

Bit of ironing later ...don't be shocked :-D

Then TV

Plus watching what the cookie is up to , which can be hard at times

If she would have less fags & get on with it , she would be done by now , but no , she is all talk & no action that one ;-)



What time shall I be found for said Sunday dinner? What we got?

Shocked not at all :-)

Yeah I've noticed that about our cookie lets hope come done with me ain't on again or everything will come to a stand still lol.

I've got all my washing put away like the good boy I am.

Struggling now though feeling really sucky again shut myself in my room watching supernatural hoping to sort my head out not working though. The things I usually do to cheer me and relax ain't working. I feel like I've been such a downer this last few days.


Speak for yourself, I didn't know what 7 inch willie was on about lol, it's been so long I can't remember, thank god lol xxx


Glad I wasn't the only one

How's the changing rooms going?


It's done will and so am I lol, I ain't doing that again for at least a month. I've just got to put tool box away as I'm banned from using it, touching it, or looking at it lol xxx


Why's that?


Because she is crap at DIY & breaks everything

Cookie , I am telling you have been in tool box again , ner ner :-D



Oh no yeah prob best she stay away from the tool box. Well at least she didn't break the telly.

Are you sure you want cookie rath if you tell on her?


Im used to it will lol, she's always getting me in trouble :-) I'm allowed the hammer and one nail at a time. I'm crap with a drill as I go through cables and blow fuses etc. we've got a thing to detect cables but it takes too long so I tend to not do that bit lol, I just go in for the kill, :-) xxx


I don't believe our whywhy is a trouble maker lol. Well that will happen if you drill into a wall willy nilly lol. Just don't bloody electrocute yourself

Here's a scary thought for you they let me loose with a chainsaw at work lol


Will, how do I cle an my tv screen, whywhy told me to wipe it with bleach but I'm not sure xxx


I've felt like that this week. before, my anxiety was just in the background, but then i suddenly felt so tense and on edge. i try to stay upbeat, but the nerves keep going on. i want to be strong.

good luck.


Youre still doing well ............. It takes time.................

Ups n downs.............



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