Breathless and this lump hell that feels like a bloody golf ball!

I'm still getting this awful feeling of something down in my airway/esophagas, it's really freaking me out?

Am I the only one with these symtoms, and this lump to be growing, I just want it to be removed, but there's nothing g there?

I got a swollow beruiming,

And it came back clear I'm thankful but this is really scaring me am I the only one I dot mean to sound selfish and say 'am I the only one' but it's just so sart and atm I feel so bad writing this😞please someone get back?😞 (breathless/lump)


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  • Scared*

  • I have a constant lump in my throat (no actual lump) chest pains, tired, weak, muscle tension in back, neck and shoulders, jelly legs, headaches, numbness and tingles in arms, face, tongue, hands and legs and loads of other symptoms, I am still learning to deal with them after 6 months. Each day is different with new pains and aches. I had 3 months off work only went back on reduced hours.

  • Good on you, your very strong I'm still trying to find ways around it but I have learning I just find it that wee bit harder, I'm in a dark place atm, and I'm just hating it, I always feel breathless, and tightness, and chokey, and this bloody lump, I have a very poor apatite over it also, thanks for the text x

  • You're not alone! I've had this lump for 6 years. It's reflux along with my anxiety. Trying changing your diet. I also gargle with salt water and it goes down

  • I know I'm not 'alone' but sometimes I would feel like I'm the only one, when I get anxious, I have silent reflux also so it goes up into my throat👍and I can't eat atm during to other issues👍thanks for the tip anyways.

  • It's nervous of origin it's called globus hystericus , the feeling of lump in throat , only relaxation and acceptance will rid of it !! This will take time and practice , i have had this and it will go! You must try to forget about it and loose your fear of it . Anxiety will cause so much. Take care x

  • I defo have fear of death💔my friend died very young, but I just have came to a point I'm very scared of death and like waiting for something to happen Evan know, the doctors have diagnosed me with what I have, thanks very much same to you x

  • It is your anxiety. You will find that when you are distracted you won't feel it. I know how you feel though and it can feel very real. Try to let it be and it will diminish. The more you fixate the more you will feel it. Peace to you....Chris

  • Thanks for the text and 100% I always think ahead and kinda diagnosed myself with things, that I think I have sometimes💔and it's so scary but, I should be more focused on what I have❤️

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