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Feeling gd

I have been feeling really gd lately and things haven't seemed to overwhelming!!! I did have this thing where I didn't won't to go away to far ! I didn't mind going out but just not far away or to places I hadn't been to befor ! Now this feeling is starting to go and im even thinking of places to go with the kids that we haven't been to before! I'm no were as bad as I was with all the worring about anything and everything :/!!! Its nice that sometimes I can sit and think how much better I am now to this time last yeah where I was just understanding what all this anxiety was all about and didn't understand why I was feeling like this when all was well in my life ! But by talking about things which isn't something I use to do I now relies considering im only just 30 and have gone through sum bad things like the loss of a gd friend one month through an illnesse then of my best friend a month later ! Finding out i was expecting just for my ex to do a runner ! We did get bk togeather and had 1 more little one but wasn't a nice relationship! My uncle which was sudden a year later then few years later my grandad then my nan then a gd friend again through illness and dealing with being in a abusive relationship which ended up with me and my kids living in a refuge for a long time ! Then bringing up my kids up on my own ! All this since i was 23 I was so low and didn't like to go out on my own and worrying about any little thing I had ! Where as now I just don't really think about it if im not well im not well doesn't mean I have something bad :/ ! and just felt like everything was a struggle and I think if I didn't have my kids to get up to and take care of every day it would of taken me so much longer to get better because I was in a bit of a crapy place but my kids helped me so much because they needed me and still do so I have to get better and better to be there for them!:D I know I still have a bit to go till I feel my real self but I now can see why all this started! im finally getting there :-D not going to lie feeling real gd # positive! X

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That is GREAT!

I'm so happy you're feeling good :)

Always stay positive, no matter how hard it may seem sometimes.

Are you taking any meds or going to any CBT classes?

Or is it just time that's making you feel better?


Hiya thanks for your comment. No I did try a couple different tabs but they all made me worse so stopped them! I did some counciling and have been taking evening primrose oil for last few months witch does help me ! Time has really helped tho :)



What a wonderful positive post :-)

You have been through such a lot & by posting you give hope to anyone that is doubting if they can get well that they can , thank you for sharing

I understand you still have to keep working on this , but you should feel so proud how far you have come & what lucky children you have to have a Mum like you :-)





Hiya. Thanks :D I do hope people can see that things can and do get better with time some a short time and others longer ! Nice to c u bk to :) x


Thank you Stacey :-)



Hi Stacey :)

Very good post, nice to se such positivity long may it continue. :D


Thankyou :) I hope so to !


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