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Well,Ive tried but I cant sleep,its 03:38 and its not happening.I'm not stressed,oh no,not worried about hospital,you know what,I'm excited,cant stop thinking about my plans for the immediate future,not felt like this since,you know,you know,the first time.Well,maybe not the first,maybe the 51st but you know what I mean!

Cant quite believe it myself,the way this has grabbed hold of me,I feel so enthused and the butterflies that live constantly in my stomach have a reason to flutter for once.Just want to get going on my counselling journey,for me,helping others always helps me,win,win.

How nice to have positive thoughts running around my head and keeping me awake,makes a nice change.

So,if I may,I would like to put myself forward as an example of how change can occur quite suddenly for the better and I want everyone to know that this change is for real and not some sort of front to make me or you feel better,oh no,its all true.

Its now 4 oclock,time for my milk round,see you later.

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I hope all goes well today Castel. I'll be thinking about you.xxx


Soi good to hear that someone has made it back to a good place. All the very best and thanks for the positive post. We WILL get there, just takes time. xx


All the best for today; hope you find a young nurse to catch your eye :)


just read it out to my wife she well done for being so positive, hope all goes well for your day.x


Mania, poor sod.


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