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Anxiety and intrusive thoughts getting worse.

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So for the past few days I have been feeling rather good and like the cymbalta I was taking was kicking in. Today I feel like hammered garbage with anxiety. Randomly started crying and having intrusive thoughts really bad. Ive tried meditation and exercising and that hasn't helped. I just wish things had continued like they had been for the past few days.

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I know exactly what are you going through, you are gonna have bad days to, but just think of it as “one bad day” and say to yourself tomorrow will be better. Hang in there you are not alone.

Trying. Just have no idea why my anxiety and depression has gotten so bad today for no reason.

Hello Mr. McGuire762. I responded to your post a few hours ago, but it has just now appeared future down on this page where I say "Hello Cowboy" s I would do some time ago. Have no idea why it doesn't show I was replying to your post. Hope today was a bit better and your last was just one of those days where not all was well in your world. It was so good to "see" you again.

Sent ya a chat on here.

Caught it. Responded but now your messsage is gone. Guess some changes in the system.

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I believe your approach is a good healthy one. In the past, had some days where I knew when my feet hit the floor, the anxiety would too. Today just advised someone that's the way I was those days, and that helped. It was just one of THOSE days.

Hi Trippy, really sorry you had a very difficult day with intrusive thoughts. When I am affected by them I try to tell myself they are just thoughts not facts and it does help.

Hello: I took Cymbalta for two years and I can't say it's a great drug. The only thing it is a good drug to help you sleep. I took 90 mg., 30 in am and 60 late in the afternoon which I think helped me sleep. I no longer take Cymbalta because it wasn't that helpful for my anxiety. Good Luck.

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lawdog in reply to henworth

Hello, and sorry Cymbalta didn't work for you. I have had some help with it but my MD teamed it with another medication too. Hope you are managing well now.

Hello Cowboy! 😀 It's been awhile since we communicated here. Sorry the anxiety is hitting. Your medication is a solid tried and true one for many people, both for anxiety and depression. Hope it is bringing some relief. This is difficult to do, but have you tried not trying to "figure out" why your depression and axiety hit hard today? Maybe there is not a definable reason, perhaps it is just the nature of the beasts and the roller coaster moved a bit today. Perhaps if you could try to just let go of the worry of "why" and step back a bit and change gears, you will find something to ease or enjoy at least part of the remaining day.

I know there probably isn't, but my brain likes to find reason behind things. I know that's an issue for me and ends up with me obsessing over them, but I just have a hard time letting go.

I think I understand. I always want to know because I believe then I could do something to "fix it". My neuropsychiatrist advises me, when the anxiety is high, to focus on one activity for just 15 minutes, then switch to something else for 15 minutes, and so on. Sometimes this the laundry gets in the washer, then I head for something to read for 15 minutes, then sort the laundry yet to be washed, then have a Coke over cracked ice in a tall glass with a straw.., iced small pleasure , then head off to do something related to my work I do from home.🙃

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