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Hi everyone! I'm Zoë! I've been suffering with anxiety and IBS since I was in school and I'm now 23. Recently it's become very bad! I had a wisdom tooth removed and due to my extreme needle phobia I was sweating in the waiting room. For the past month after this I've experienced horrible symptoms of stomach upset, nausea, insomnia, increased anxiety and depression. On Wednesday I had my first ever panic attack when getting off the bus! I thought I was dying. I've always had dizzy spells and felt hot but never had a full blown attack. My stomach is now upset again and I'm feeling so depressed, what do I do? Just want to be well again.

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  • Hi there, do you have health insurance? And are you able to afford seeing a psychiatrist? Since you have multiple symptoms, it's best to get proper psych evaluation and you may need to be on meds to feel better. I would say look for a doctor as soon as you can. Let me know if I can be of any help or if this makes sense.

  • I'm in the UK so I don't think I need it but I've looked into a few psychiatrists and they are too expensive. I've seen 2 doctors and they just said there's nothing wrong with you it's just your ibs and that was it! I feel like I'm wasting their time every time I go but I'm getting fed up of feeling like this.

    My mum just keeps saying you need to stop over thinking things and that I don't need a psychiatrist. I don't think she's aware of how bad it's getting.

  • Hi Lifeisstrange, I have been working with a life coach counselor for almost 8 months and she is exceptionally good. She accepts payment on donation. I only need to pay her $5 per 1 hour of talk therapy. If you want to talk to her, you can reach her over skype. She is very well off and does counseling to help people, and that's why she can afford doing this. If you like her info, let me know.

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