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Broken heart and depression

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Hello. I'm new here. I was looking for a group support and ended up finding this one. So here's a little bit of my situation. I lost my job prior to covid 19 and I havent been able to find one. This led me to move in with my parents in a different city for 2 months and a half. I didn't wanted to because I had a relationship of 4 years with the person that I considered the love of my life. But in the end I thought that our relationship was strong enough to make it thru these difficult times. So I came back and it turns out his love for me changed and he ended up breaking up with me. He then said he wasn't sure and needed time to think and hang out with me to figure it out but he barely acknowledge me, he's always too busy to see me but says he still loves me. I've been trying to come to terms with the end of our relationship but I feel like I can't live without him at least not a happy life. I'm taking medication like never before but my anxiety still can't let me sleep, I lost my appetite and I barely get out of the bed. I don't have a job, I only have one good friend and she has her own issues, I'm far away from my family and all I do is be depressed 24/7. He was the best thing that happened to me, I found happiness and I turned him into the center of my world and now my world collapsed. I guess I need some kind words especially from someone who has been thru these kind of situation. Thank you.

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I am sorry to hear that. Please don't remain stuck on him/or the situation. You need to grieve and grow. Walk on. You will feel better. We all need to live and learn.🤕

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Thank you. I want to be that strong but he keeps giving me hope and I didn't want to give up while there was hope. But today I finally told him to not talk to me unless he's back for good. Now I just need to find a way to move on..

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I did not start out that way!!! It took many years to harden this heart. Even today my heart strings get pulled in all directions. It can be difficult sometimes for me.

I let a chick be the center of my world and she destroyed my soul. But I am slowly moving on and trying to find someone who deserves me and will love me back. It's hard and seems impossible now. But you will get there. I'm sure you're an amazing person and you deserve happiness and you will find it. I'm her if you need me. One love

Gosh 😢 is this break up week? We’re going through kinda the samething! If you need someone to talk too please message me anytime!

I just posted not even 2 hours ago about my break up

I am sorry you feel depressed and that you have had these relationships problems. Life changes and the pandemic have impacted many people anxiety especially with the financial challenges. How have you been coping? Are you speaking to a therapist? Remember to take it a day at a time, things will get better and try to be positive.

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Rockqueen8 in reply to sponge42

I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety but medication has helped. I'm scheduled to see a therapist soon. I'll try to keep positive. Thank you for your reply

Hey Rockqueen8, let him leave. If one does not value you or realize your worth, I don't think it is worth having him in your life. You will definitely find better people along the way. You will only be wasting your time thinking about him.

This might be the worst time for you from a lot of viewpoints, but there still is a viewpoint that makes the situation positive and full of learning but you will only be able to realize that if you change your perspective and change the way you have interpreted this situation. Some positives could be that you realized he isn't worth your time pretty early, you have much more time for yourself and can do whatever you want and many more.

Trust me, it is all about how you visualize a situation which makes it positive or negative.

Dealing with depression is tough but think about how this time is the perfect time to look within and find answers to all your problems. We usually look for solutions from the outside world for our problems but isn't it a fact and the ultimate truth that all answers lie within you. All you need to do is keep asking WHY. This time is the perfect time to learn something new, give yourself some time off and just relax. Look at the positive side and the moment you accept it, you will feel happy.

All of this is something that I have tried and they have worked and I by no means want to keep this with me.

For the same, I started a community on Facebook recently named RealTalk recently. Based on my experiences, I have also made a PDF containing different ways that worked for me and why they worked. You can access the PDF on the group and the group itself through this link

I hope I was able to add some value to your life and it definitely would be great to connect with you in the RealTalk community. Would love to see you there.


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