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I'm going to be evaluated to start group therapy

Tell me that this is a good thing please? Because I'm dreading all the questions and I scheduled it in two hours. No sleep, all emotional and now I'm suppose to tell them all this information I have had to tell everyone else over the years, now I have to tell them again? I'm stressing. Plus I always feel like I'm in trouble when I go to the hospital or outpatient clinic because this is what they make you do when you do get into trouble which I have been in. And it feels like I have done something wrong to cause this. Hate reaching out for help, but I need it.

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I would view it as these people are there to help and support you. You have done nothing wrong , millions of people have similar issues to you. Generally there not going to push people to share information if your not comfortable at this time. Is this something you have done before or your first time?

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I have been inpatient 11 or 12 times now. All of them but two were voluntary I think. I always handle myself just fine for the most part, it's just the memories of all those visits are freaking me out. This is outpatient though. I have to remember that. I'm coming home.

I've been in a few groups. Trust me when I say there's always someone in a group that enjoys the limelight.

Some people love to hear themselves talk.

That was the only problem I ever had in group therapy.

I was never forced to say more than I wanted to. I did engage and learned from others in the group.

I hope it goes well for you

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Thank You. I'll assert myself appropriately. Everything alway goes better then expected. That two hour appointment is what freaked me out. Like I need my time. I was thinking next week or even in a month. But two hours, doesn't give me enough time to dwell and obsess over every little thing about it like I'm use to lol. Probably better off this way actually. If I waited til I was ready, I would never go.

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You've got great perspective. You can do this



That's very funny. :)

Hi dolphin 14 .....glad you liked it ...hope our poster does too 😃....

How are you ...haven’t spoke since our chat about haemeroids ...the suppositories seem to be working ...thanks for the recommendation

It is a funny spin on therapy. I hope the poster finds it humorous.

I'm glad to hear your issue has improved. I'm finding great success with my diet change.

Stay well drink lots of water it's good for you.

OMG this is soooo funny 😆😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you Silly

You will know if "group" therapy is best for you or individual therapy. Please let us know how it goes for you. Don't be nervous, just embrace it. You may wish you had found group a lot sooner!

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I had my evaluation, and I scheduled an appointment for Intensive Outpatient Treatment. Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 9:00-12:00 for 6 weeks.

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If you don't mind, share with us how it's going? I truly hope it works out for you and you get a lot out of it!!

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