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friends or no friends


recently I have been feeling pretty depressed and when one of my friends said " why don't you hang out with us? Do you not like us anymore?" I didn't know what to say. I have been avoiding them but not because I don't like them, because lately I haven't felt like doing anything except for lying in my bed. I'm also worried that If I do hang out with them I'll do something to make them hate me and I really can't handle that right now. I haven't told my friends anything about how i've been feeling mostly because they can be very protective and if I tell them about it I'm worried they'll act a little too concerned. But if I say nothing then I might have no friends at all.

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Is there one who you're closest to that you can tell how you feel? That might be easier than talking to everyone as a group. It helps to have the support of friends. When I was at the worst of my depression, it was hard to get motivated to leave the house, but it always made me feel better when I spent time my friends.

How nice that you have friends like that. You would be authentic at least one of them- perhaps the one with whom you feel the most companionship. Also, do you have family also ? Plus I'll bet possibly just having their support might even help bring you out of your depression. You never know- at least one of them could be going through something similar.

I agree with the two earlier posts. Pick one of your friends that you feel the most comfortable with, and tell him/her what's going on. A big part of the hell you're going through is keeping it all to yourself. You'll feel a big relief when you finally tell someone you trust, and the world didn't end after all!

You are very lucky to have overprotective friends. Lots of others on this forum wish they could say that!

I feel you on that. I often find myself pushing people away to “save them” from dealing with my crap. It’s a horrible feeling

Thanks this helps a lot, I do have one closest friend that I know is going through some similar stuff but I don't really know how to bring any of it up

Please talk to one of your friends. It was hard for me at first to tell anyone. Once I told my friend what is going on it was a huge relieve. She has been my #1 supporter.

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