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Think I'm going to lose my job tomorrow


So yesterday I got an email through off a new boss to say I've being called to a capability hearing which is tomorrow. When I read the reasons they are not directly related to my job role and more about contributing to the business. It's a really odd move for this company because normally they are more informal and like to help, nothing like this has ever happened. It's never been brought up with me before and it's just so out of the blue.

There's been a few comments about the fact I've been there less than 2 years and I can be dismissed.

Needless to say I've been riddled with anxiety and depression. None stop crying, inconsolable, feel sick, can't eat - not eaten in 2 days, took 3 lots of valium

I'm so scared to lose my job and then have to tell future potential employees that I was sacked

It's been one of the worst times of my life and it's bringing it all back when I've been this way before.

When am I going to wake up from this nightmare?

Has anyone else had to go through losing a job? I feel like I'm grieving

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Try to remember that it’s just a job, they’re just people. If you lose one job, move on to another one. I believe these things happen for a reason.

You don’t know yet if it’s even going to happen. We tend to worry a lot about things that never happen

I’m sorry this is happening.

This is not a true reflection of you.

Losing a job can be very painful.

There can be shame, guilt, anger, & self doubt involved.

It may take time & there are a million other jobs that would value what you offer I’m sure.

I wish you all the best ✨

Also blamb123 made a great point 👍🏾


i know the feeling. it’s hard for me to keep a job an every time i feel like i’m about to be fired, it’s always stressful and leaves ‘me’ feeling disposable. anyone would worry and stress about getting fired but there’s another one out there for you.

I don't think your new boss is going to sack you. If that was the plan why would they be asking you about contributing ideas for the business? So don't see this as losing your job, it's an opportunity to impress your new boss with a few observations and suggestions for helping the business. So instead of non-stop crying spend a little time in thinking up some helpful suggestions for your company and rehearsing how you will put your ideas over.

It doesn't matter one bit if your suggestions are practical or not: it's the fact that you came up with some ideas that demonstrates your commitment to the company.

The fact that you've only worked there for two years means nothing. If your boss is going to make people redundant they choose the least valuable employees regardless of how long they've been employed. In fact being 'new blood' gives you an advantage over the old time-serving cronies who have outlived their usefulness.

If despite all this you do lose your job it will be redundancy not dismissal. Big difference. Dismissal means not doing your job properly, redundancy merely means the company lost business so some of the staff had to go. So don't worry on that score.

Life is full of threats to your job and occasionally losing a job, there are no such things a jobs for life any more.

So go into that interview and remind them of your excellent job record, make some constructive suggestions for improving profitability and demonstrate what an asset you are to the company. Say things like "I think my job is to make my boss's job a bit easier in achieving success." What new boss can fail to warm to an employee who says that?

Of course you can do it. Treat this as an opportunity to sell yourself. And whichever way things go remember: Every adversity brings with it the seed of a greater benefit.

Oh, and take s small quantity of Valium, say 2mg or 2.5mg, 15 minutes before the interview.

Jobs are temporary parts of life we have to deal with but our happiness is most important ❤️ maybe it’s life’s way of telling u u need a change

I’m sorry you’re having to deal with all this stressing and worrying about your job. Worst case-if it does lead to being let go it’s just like what brokenlight said- it’s not a true reflection of you.

With office politics at play sometimes there’s just no avoiding it especially when new management comes along. But that’s worst case. Either way you WILL get through this. Stay strong.

I was let go from a job a few years ago- first and only time. It was when new management came along. The place was cleaning house and they let the other manager go when she wouldn’t play that game. The new one was the equivalent of Regina in Mean Girls.

I never could quite fit in as one of her cronies and soon found myself kicked to the curb as well. I had nightmares about that woman for a good couple of years. But the thing was I wasn’t the only one that was let go from that place and I certainly wasn’t the last. I later realized that should’ve never let her and what happened get under my skin the way I did. I let it define me and because I of that my self esteem was shot.

Sad thing was that I really didn’t do much to pull myself back up by the britches until a few years later. I’m never going to let myself fall apart like that no matter what. I’m a hard and honest worker and I just didn’t fit in there and that’s fine with me.

Keep moving forward and stay confident regardless of the outcome. Keep reminding yourself that you can handle whatever life throws at you. ❤️

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