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Has anyone here ever been to group therapy


First weeks i was in the mental hospital it use to be one on one sessions for me before i agreed to attend group therapy which went horribly wrong the first few tries due to my panic attacks minute they started introducing themselves. I kept going back, when the other patients there started talking about their struggles, guilt consumed me, i felt like i shouldn't be here, yeah all of my childhood was physical and emotional torture from my own father but these people had it so much worse i felt like i didn't have the right to be depressed or suicidal the more they kept sharing the more guilty i felt i didn't even realized when i started screaming it was too much. Next time i went back i decided to tell them my story and why i felt so guilty that they had it worse than me, each one of them told me i deserved the help it didn't matter who had it worse all of us here were broken in a way trying to find help to put us back together..... i don't know why i still feel horrible at times

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hi yeah ive been to some all be it a few years ago.about ten different people with ten different worries of life.the first couple of weeks it was nervous for all everyone went there own way afterwards but after that people became more relaxed and friendly and kept in touch.at no point will you feel pressured to disclose anything about yourself its all very well run.everyone is there for each other.

Yea, maybe group therapy is not for everyone. The things that some of these patients went through was heartbreaking and hearing about it was triggering to me

Everyone’s individual pain has hurt them and one persons pain is not worse or better than another persons. I am very hurt by my situations. As you know we all suffer and experience things differently. Unique to ourselves. That doesn’t make your pain invalid. They knew that as well. I’ve been to an impatient facility and group therapy. I know that.

Think about this. One person may see a spider and scream and have anxiety. Another might see it and feel happy and enjoy. Both reactions are equally

Okay. No one has walked in your shoes. So only you can react to your situation. Never feel guilty about that. ❤️

Took the words right out of my mouth, Tinkerbell. Danielle you have a right to your pain, no matter if you feel it's less then others at the group. You probably are not alone in feeling that way. Remember you & everyone there are trying to improve themselves & support others. And to feel less alone. Yes it can be heartbreaking to hear some of their stories.... but think how amazing to hear how those people have grown & say to heck with that part of my life, I'm not going to let it define me or beat me down anymore. To see how strong they can be.

Sweetheart, I know your father was horrible.... I know that pain too.... & it does impact us deeply. We are warriors, even if we don't always believe it. Keep going.... talk to your therapist when it gets tough.... talk to us, we're here for you. 💖🌻

Thank you Mel i know you see where im coming from with the pain from dad. I should stop feeling guilty. Thanks for being there Mel 🌻

That is basically what my therapist said, i stopped going to group therapy though

My therapist also does group therapy, I eventually might give it a try. Right now we agree I'm not ready for it... maybe you aren't too... ? Plus it's not for everyone. I haven't done it, though my hospital does anxiety, stress, depression & the like classes. Done a few ... they were okay... helpful, but I think I was trying to be a good student.

You can always count on me Danielle. I struggle at times of what to say too. Hope you & Spidey are doing well.🐶😙🌻🍫

I have, I really like it. It made me feel good to hear that others are going through what Iam. Telling their stories. I didn't feel alone. Try it

I couldn't handle it, yes all of us were going through the same struggles mentally but their stories were too much for me to handle

Why are you on this site? Your telling your story. Everyone here has stories their telling too. Is it seeing them in person is what would bother you?

I don't spend too much time on this site and i try not to read too many post cause yes even on this site some post can be triggers sometimes there has been a few suicidal post. But yes having people face to face telling you about events that traumatic especially since my mind was still in a fragile state was a bad idea

Danielle, you know what's best for you. We all have triggers and knowing what they are can help keep you in a safe place. I consider myself laid back, having life experience and yet there have been times that I've needed to walk away from the computer. Once tears start, I know I need to remove myself and refocus on something else as well as finding some time to meditate and breathe. The forum is a wonderful support system, the likes I have never seen. But the truth is, this is life at it's rawest. When in a fragile state as many are, it may over whelm some at the sensitive subjects discussed.

Always keep yourself first in mind. Your safety and comfort are #1.. Hugs, Agora1


I hate group therapy.

1-on-1 is personal and better all round

I think so too

Hi, Callmedanielle! This is group therapy right here except that it's online. There are many times that I'll see a posting & think, how could I possibly be of help? But also, I might find an opportunity to BE helped by listening to others when, all of a sudden, what they say hits home. I might leave with a better understanding of something that I struggle with. You might be surprised at how much others ate learning from YOU as well. Take care, Callmedanielle!

I try to help on here too but im not good with words. Answering some post give me anxiety since i don't want to say the wrong things

You can't say the wrong things Danielle. If what you say is sincere and comes from your own experience or from your heart, you can't go wrong. :) xx

I don't reply to some post i be feeling like a hypocrite. I tried to take my life it seems wrong for me to be giving advice. Even when i want to help

I understand. We respond by our own experiences but only if we feel comfortable in doing so. xx

Hi there, I just finished an intensive outpatient program in January. I got a lot out of going there. I actually enjoyed the group therapy. We are all there for a reason Don't minimize your own issues or compare yourself to others. We are all unique and what is a "little problem" to one, may be devastating to another. I'd give it a try if you think you can handle your anxiety. I believe it will help. :)

After the 4th time one of the therapist thought it wasn't a good idea for me to keep going i went back to one on one sessions

A I am behind you 100%. I guess maybe you get nervous around people. I have found the program Adult Children of Alcoholics to be extremely helpful. It is a program that is free & doesn't prescribe meds. It can be an emotionally painful process, so maybe you're too fragile yet, but there are really good & healthy people who will help to guide you through the program. It teaches us how to "Re-Parent" ourselves in a loving & positive way. If you want, just check out the website, adultchildren.org and click on "WELCOME TO ADULT CHILDREN OF ALCOHOLICS®/DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES".

Here's a quote from the website:

"An adult child is someone who responds to adult situations with self-doubt, self-blame, or a sense of being wrong or inferior, all learned from stages of childhood".

I simply want you to be aware of one more resource. I hope you at least keep posting here so we can all help each other!

Much Love & Warm Hugs -


You are so sweet. You have compassion for others. That's a good thing. Let others do the same for you. Feeling vulnerable is scary. Take the first step and receive the love others have for you.

💙 thank you hun

You're welcome ( :

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How’s your little Joey?

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Cute! Our baby is a Tasmanian Devil or asleep. No in between. We took her to the dog park and she loved it!

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The older my dog gets the wilder. She is 6 months old. I taught her how to give hugs. She puts one paw on each shoulder and lays her face against mine. It’s sweet. She knows some tricks but is a little Tasmanian devil racing around. It’s precious.

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I was there for 2 months i did meet some amazing people and the doctors the therapist all the staff were amazing.

Yes, my psychologist has weekly meetings that last about an hour. They are very helpful!

The only time I did group thephy was for my anxity related insommia! it wasn"t to bad! It depends for me on what it is for, somethings I would be ok talking about in a group other things not!

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