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Start of my anxiety and depression

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It was started during my first week that i've delivered my 2nd baby, I thought its just nothing so i didn't take it seriously but time goes by i feel that something is bothering me, i don't like to go out in our house, i want to be alone, they say maybe its postpartum depression but my daughter is turning 1 already but im still stock on dis anxiety it turned out that im depressed thinking some solution how to end it.I already thinking to suicide cuz i feel alone, I feel that people judging me. :'(.. I really don't know what to do i cant go to any nearby hospital to go check up because im not financially stable, so im trying my best to fix myself on my own. Now people that i encountered i feel that when they see me they take away from me because they think im crazy.T.T.does anyone here try that instead of looking in the eyes of the people that they encountered u actually find yourself staring at the private part, its feels embarassment. People would think im something bcuz of dis im not even sexually attracted to them. I really shame about dis i think dis is what they call OCD?does anyone here is like me? Huhu i badly need someone to understand and help me.Im really so depressed to think how to get rid in dis.



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Sounds like you could do with therapy to help you out

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Yes i think i am. But i was trying to do it in may own cuz i dont have enough money to see doctor. So i was looking for people who have same condition like me sa. Maybe i cant get some best ideas so that i can cope up with my condition

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Hi PPD can last (at least without treatment) for years so I would guess this is what it is. If you have been trying to 'fix yourself' for a year now and it hasn't worked I really think you ought to see a doctor. I don't know what country you are in but surely having a young baby would entitled you to some sort of care you could afford?

If you really can't see a doctor then the only thing you can do is follow a self help route so google mindfulness, meditation, yoga etc. x

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I've already do that.Trying my best to heal my condition but im still stock up. but i'm glad that I joined dis group cuz i feel im not alone already.

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No you are not alone any more which is the great thing about a site like this. We all get it regardless of whether or not the real world does. We all help and support each other on here. x

I went through 2 PPD's , it can last a long time. Are there any clinics in your area? Maybe you could get help that way. I'm here for you. Wishing you peace of mind. Love, peace, joy, light & hugs!!!

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There is but need some enough money to see a psychiatric,.. So im really hoping i can find some any other ideas to control my condition while saving enough money b4r i go to a psychiatric.. Thank You so much for the time that all of you given to me. I really overwhealmed because there is someone who understand me

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Around our area there are clinics that can help people like you. Psychiatrist, therapy, I wish it was available in your area. It's my pleasure to try to help you. Love, peace, joy, light & hugs!!!

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When the thoughts that bother you come into your mind, try your best to just observe them vs. engage them.

Saying a prayer for you and wishing you peace of mind. Try your best to get 30 min of fresh air each day, preferably near trees or water.

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Ohh okay2. Thank u..

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Sounds like you are depressed. Ending your life is not worth it. I highly suggest going to the hospital for a psych assess ment. Tell them you're suicidal. You need to live for you, for your kids and family. Apply for medi-cal. Apply for disability. Tell them about your high anxiety. I understand how you feel.

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I was trying to find some cure on my own cuz i cant afford for now to go at the hospital because of my financial problem. I was go to public hospital already but they refer me to some private Psychiatrist and i've inquire there consultation fee and it so high so maybe i will try to help myself to cure my condition eventhough its hard.I dont know when should i be like dis but i'm trying my best to be okay. 🙁

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