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Unsure of how to treat my anxiety

Hi there,

This is my first time writing in a support group ever. I find comfort knowing there are others out there. I'm hoping someone can give me some insight into my anxiety. As i don't suffer from panic attacks and my anxiety is recent i have no idea how to treat it. I'm a happy upbeat person usually but recently i've lost it. I don't have confidence in myself at my job and don't know what I want to do, i'm almost 29. I think i suffer from relationship ocd as i'm manic in my anxiety, at times it's fine at times i fear i dont love my partner when im anxious which causes me into a whirl of emotions picturing myself breaking up with someone i love but someone who may has caused some minor anxious thoughts in my mind as i have an anxious mind, of the attachment theories i am a anxious person, i fear the future, i fear my realtionship will fail, once my mind latches onto a negative thought in my anxious mind I believe that thought. When im not anxious I dont believe those thoughts. I fear the future i'm not confident in myself and i have a month until my first therapy session and even then i dont know where to start with the therapist. I unfotunately got started on 10 mg of lexpro and at this point that even scares me i wish i wouldn't have turned to medication but it's week 3 and i havent noticed a change. I had 5 really good days then 2 bad days doubting myself and everything fearing my relationship is over. I'm stuck, i need help and any advice. thank u

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Yes, that is relationship OCD. As a fellow OCD surviver, I understand getting latched onto a thought.Mine is the opposite as when I get anxious I fear liking someone I am not attracted to. I'm in a similar situation with fear about the future and not knowing what I want to do. Sorry I can't offer any advice.


Hey it's okay I just pray we get through this ROCD. we can beat it. I know it. I will let you know if I find any useful tools or sites. Hang in there!


Here are some of my tools . These are suggestions that work for me Your results may vary

- excercise releases your brains natural anti anxiety/ depessant chemicals. Rigorous enough to get to heavy breathing and blood flow. It can be as simple as jogging in place or climbing stairs

- diet changes. Caffeine and sugar work against you

- meditation , I use podcasts and YouTube videos to find guided meditations, self hypnosis and inspirational self affirmation. Use the search bar. Get a podcast app

- stay connected, don't isolate. Find Meetup groups, forums, recovery , church, etc to express your feeling and get feedback

-Volunteer or support or encourage others is a good practice. doing things for others gets you out of ruminating about yourself.

- attitude of gratitude. As hard as it is, it could always be worse. I make gratitude list to remind myself of my blessings.

- write it down. Keep a journal, dig deep. Write letters to yourself, to god, your resentments, your fears, your inner child etc. be your own therapist. It's cheap

Avoid news, politics, and advertisements They all use fear to control your emotions

Avoid social media. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your insides with other people's outsides

Try Q96 brain supplements. Google it. I have not gotten dramatic results but I know people who have

With or without medication these tips have no negative side effects Good luck


Thank you so much for your kind words they mean so much to me. Exercise is huge for me and I just started meditating. I have never heard of the q96 I will be googling now! Thanks again this means a lot ❤

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Welcome. Take a big breath and exhale.

You asked for advice. That is my first piece of advice I offer.

Second, please print a copy of your post you sent to this venue and show it to your therapist on the first visit....and maybe some of the replies you receive. It will tell the therapist in 3 minutes much more than you can imagine or say in 30 minutes.

You covered a lot of territory in your post and mentioned you didn't know what to say, so that suggestion should take care of your question about that. Nothing weird about you, but just let her/him read it. Trust me. It will help the therapist to help you. Then the therapist can decide on what issue to address first with you.

You have other replies, so I'll sign off for now and let you read them. Again welcome.


Amazing advice. I like the idea of printing this before my visit. I think I'm going to jot down a lot of things prior to my therapy visit. I thank you for your time and kind words of help! :)


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