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Hi, this is my first post here. I am 40 and have a history of depression & anxiety. I am on Lexapro and Buspar. I recently changed jobs and my anxiety level is up. How do you deal with your depression/anxiety?

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how long did you notice this after you got the new job ,for me i think its because of the change of job thats why you are having this anxiety ,is your new job better than the last one ,if yes then thats why you are feeling this way ,for me i will advice that you calm down and be grateful for your new job and get to work

It is a challenge that is for sure. I am still learning ways to cope. I recommend looking into mindfulness, DBT (dialectical behavior therapy), CBT (Cognitive behavior therapy), and ACT (Acceptance and commitment therapy). Having a support system helps a lot as well, and I hope you find this online community supportive. You are not alone ❤️

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