Hi I'm new here. I'm struggling with anxiety and panic attacks. I've had a few panic attacks in the past that are few and far between. In the past month I've had two, one while at work. I feel very embarrassed and a little ashamed. I'm always scared its going to happen again. It's starting to affect my sleep. does anyone have tips on how to avoid an full blown attack when your upset? Or any ways to manage other than smoking(I quit about a month ago).

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  • I’ve been told to try to ignore them. It is very hard. I am in Walmart right now and having a panic attack. I’m trying to ignore how sweaty I am getting. I’m standing in line trying to act normal while I’m screaming on the inside and want to flee the store. I know I am better at hiding them than I think since no one is paying attention to me. I wish I could me more help but typing to you how I am feeling right now is helping me.

  • It's very hard to ignore them but I suppose that's what you do when you place your mind on other things other than the horrible feeling and sensation of the panic r aniexty itself..just do your best and it will help more each time you do the mind thing.. placing I your thoughts on other things that bring you joy or make you mad .. You have to really hate the feelings of the attacks.. that's one way I fight them off ., is to kick it...

  • It really is a horrible feeling. I was able to get through shopping, paying and getting home. I dove right into making Christmas cards and the anxiety has past! Another victory for me! I am very slowly learning to be proud of conquering anxiety and panic instead of mentally beating myself up over having this disorder.

  • Tiredinky, you do need to be proud. That was a big step in a positive direction. I remember what it was like standing in line and praying I wouldn't collapse and embarrass myself before I got to pay. Once I would get out of the store and into my car, things would start feeling better. I was on my way home to my safety zone. Not only did you accomplish that feat but you continued on by doing Christmas Cards. You beat Anxiety.

    Another Victory for sure. I'm proud of you as well. You deserve a nice quiet relaxing evening. You did well. :) xx

  • Well done you xxx

  • I had the same situation in a store and I ran outsside so I could cry in my car. I'm hoping to get to the point where I can hold it together better. I hope your feeling better

  • 3 months ago I couldn’t go in a store, now I can, still don’t like it, but I can do it, x

  • I'm happy for you, Florida1959. In time hopefully you will enjoy going into stores.

  • There have been times when I have left the store and cried all the way home. It is such an awful feeling. It helps having people on this site who understand.

  • It really does x

  • You could look at mindfulness techniques to help calm you. Are you on any meds consider seeing your gp. Dont feel ashamed its a condition many have

  • I'm new here but try to do anything to take your mind off of the feeling.. I know it's hard to do but it does work.. Trust Me It Does..

  • My Heart goes out to you.. so very sorry you are struggling today.. I can say this and mean it... I do know how you feel and what you are going thru.. just try your best to place yourself where it makes you the Happiest.. I find myself focusing on 3 things in a room and just think about them .. or start counting....anything I can do to focus on something else.. because the more energy you let the panic/ aniexty have the more control you give it..Hoping you feel better soon...

  • I had the worst panic attack today while working. It lasted 2 hours. My heart was racing, had tremors, sweating and felt light headed. I called my husband to pick me up and of course he took me to the ER. When i arrived there, i was in distress and my HR was in the 130s. I calmed down after a while being there and of course the doc. didnt find anything else wrong with me besides the elevated HR. Deep

    I hate getting attacks!!! I usually focus on something else, deep breathe or call someone and a random conversation to keep my mind busy. Well, today nothing helped and I lost the battle..... i am torn. I made an appt with a therapist because I don't want this to happen again......

  • They are not nice, and they don’t tell you when they are coming, one thing that helps me, is to wear an elastic band on my wrist, and when the feelings come, ping elastic band, it seems to divert the brain to the pain of the ping!,, also looking up helps me, take care x

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