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Hey guys I just wanted to know if it was just me or if anyone else feels this way. I’m anxious about ending up in that bad place again. I’ve been on my meds for almost a month and I feel they help my mood. Ive been really really happy but now I’m afraid that I will end up back in that depressive state. I don’t want to go back there. Any suggestions....

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I would tell the doctor. Also I would keep a log of your moods and whatever is happening at the time. Good luck!

As I've said many times, we all need to "get out of our heads!" ... You start thinking negative and scary thoughts, you are going to talk yourself right back to where you have been able to escape from! Medication works for so many people and it sounds like it's working for you. And IF, at any time, you feel it's not, speak with your doctor immediately because the med may just need an adjustment.

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Thank you

Ahhh the suspicion....let me know when you figure it out. Don’t let yourself get too happy it’s a long way down!!

Something I also struggle with.

Ditto, I always seem to go from one to the other - from being sad to being happy with no in between states. Like you I dread crashing but I honestly think that is normal for anyone who has suffered with depression. Music helps me a lot, as do short walks, going on Facebook and looking at all the doggy forums(all I do on FB is drool over photos of beautiful dogs and also birds on the RSPB page), keeping in touch with family and friends- WhatsApp is great! Hope you feel better soon x

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I came on this site prob two weeks ago in a raging panic of suicidal energy and now lately I feel like I’m on the ups....

I don’t know how to feel when I’m getting better like I can’t let my shields down.

Did you say DOGGIES!?!?!?

I have 4 and love them oh so much

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They will save you from yourself - don't know what we would do without our dog! Trouble is he's not young, he's 13.

I personally use some coping skills like telling myself when I have anxiety amd bad moods:

1. I don’t need these thoughts.

2. I am not my thoughts.

3. I can choose to think differently

4.This is just anxiety. I’m not going to let it get to me. 5. This anxiety won’t hurt me. Even if it doesn’t feel good

6. So what! I use that one as a mantra over and over!!

I hope any of this helps. I always say take what you need and leave what you don’t .

Thank you - this is very helpful

There’s a app called MindShift I really like it not sure if I mentioned it. Helps shift the mind. Has coping skills as well. Guess I said it twice. Oops....helps me though

Thank you, will look it up now

It had grounding techniques and flash cards. Things like you can refer to do when you have anxiety, stuff like that. It’s totally free too


Have you checked it out yet?

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