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Derealization and anxiety


Was doing ok all day, but at night i went to my room and sat there, got a really bad derealization feeling, like my memory was suddenly wiped, i had a very bad anxiety attack and felt my heart pounding, felt like i was in a dream, and felt an almost out of body experience, then i immediately calmed myself with breathing exercises until it became tolerable , im doing ok now but that was rough, there is a mandatory lockdown for a few days were i live due to the coronavirus pandemic, i already dont get out much due to the current situation but when its mandatory to stay home, i cant help but feel trapped because i am.

Just want these few days to pass so i would relax a bit , im hanging there, but i still feel alone and scared

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I can definitely relate. We're here with you. You're doing a great job. We will get through this!!

Kevin160 in reply to red_door

Thats so sweet thank you alot ❤️

Glad you’re feeling somewhat better! That’s amazing you calmed yourself down and did some breathing exercises. I usually forget to do mine lol. I have found grounding tools to be useful. Have you tried that?

You’re not alone, We are here for you and we are all struggling during this time.

Yeah im glad i remembered to do some breathing exercises and just try my best to shut my brain off and focus on that it will get better , otherwise it would have probably been a horrible panic attack

Not sure what you mean by grounding tools , maybe u can help me learn about them ?

Also thank you so much for the support❤️

Feel free to pm me if you want to have a conversation!

Take care

Kevin160 in reply to Rick1on1

Thank you so much ❤️

Kevin, I am glad you were able to get through that Bro. I get those derealization episodes often and it is scary. We are not alone. You did the right thing. You will get through this. Battling panic disorder and depression for years now. Meds hospitalization did not seem to work. What I can tell you that for us who fight these battles every day, we are so much stronger than we think we are. Keep fighting soldier.

I really needed that, as im having really bad attacks recently , thank you

yay Kevin im glad you calmed yourself down! I also go through those horrible anxiety attacks i wouldn't wish it upon anyone!

I live in Los Angeles all this covid stuff is scary and worrisome but we will all get through this 🙏

Im here if you ever need to talk! Sending nothing but positive vibes your way 😁

Kevin160 in reply to HappyGirl22

that means so much to me , i appreciate that alot

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