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Hello everybody, new to the group


I have had anxiety as long as I can remember, with my first panic attack at 16. Things just never quite get better for any length of time. Any medication I was taking had to be increased or switched every couple of years. Last year, I turned 40 and for the first time I startes having issues with severe depression- prior to this, I only had occasional depression. For the first time I am seeing a behavioral health specialist, and have started another new medication. It's been 4 months now, but I still have absolutely no desire to do anything- getting out of bed is a chore, going to work unbearable. Anyway, that's a brief insight on me, and I look forward to seeing if anyone else has a similar story.

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No offence intended but could you be peri-menopausal? I had same symptoms when I started (early onset) journey, anxiety really kicked up large etc.

Just came to mind reading your post. Welcome and hi 😊

NurseLV in reply to CanuckAnon

No, although that is a legitimate question at my age- I have been surgically post-menopausal for 4 years and have been taking replacement hormones since.

CanuckAnon in reply to NurseLV

It’s hard to have no desire to do anything ... I live with that in varying degrees lately. Have you spoken to therapist about this issue? I would start there or family doctor personally.

I have no experience with medication outside CBD or THC so I do not feel I’d be helpful except to invite you to vent should it make you feel better or not so alone in this....

NurseLV in reply to CanuckAnon

I do feel therapy would help, I just haven't tried it yet. Venting with someone may just help also

Bay23 in reply to CanuckAnon

I was in the military and got discharged due to depression and anxiety plus some other things. After getting out and moving back home I spent days sometimes weeks alone in my room with the same issues but I knew I still had some things I liked. So I enrolled in violin lessons each week to give myself something to look forward to and I set goals and got into some other activities to have some things to look forward to and be excited about and to have reasons to get up.

NurseLV in reply to Bay23

That's one big problem right now, I can't even get interested in the things I used to love and look forward to. Everything just seems like too much trouble to deal with.

Hey there, Welcome!!

I can relate to what you just wrote about getting out of bed, I’ve been struggling with “Hibernation and not being able to get up“ for a quite some time now, i hope you will get better with this new medication you’re taking!!

I’m here if you need to talk!

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