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Its been a hard week, fighting physical symptoms, anyone have time to talk?


Have been fighting for a long time with anxiety, and severe health anxiety,

I have a long list of physical symptoms, and have been to a long list of doctors, er visits, specialists... so far no explanation.

Waiting to get in with behavioral health.

I have dizziness every day, all day.

Intermediate facial numbness, eye issues, traveling numbness, shakiness, stomach issues.

Its wearing me down. Just goes on and on.

So discouraged. So scared. So tired of feeling like this every day.

Guess I'm like most folks, looking for some encouragement, similar stories, anything.

Thank you for listening.

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Listening. So sorry you have many symptoms going on at once...Not sure what else to say but maybe suggest what I’m trying to do which is to take one small thing at a time, one activity, one day... I’m so overwhelmed with life right now... all this will pass.

Thank you, that's what I'm trying to do too. I'm also sorry your dealing with this as well. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Talking to people who are going through it too, does help some. Feel free to hit me up anytime.

Ok you too. Yes it does help to not be all alone in it.

Thanks again, yes one of the biggest things is feeling so isolated, and that just adds to it.. the pile just gets higher...

I know. I feel so bad and abnormal and embarrassed of how I feel I am that I don’t want to see anyone and that is depressing

I understand, I also feel like a burden to everyone, feel like I'm bringing everyone down, and they avoid talking to me, so I avoid bothering them.

So sad 😞 I’m sure we do more good than not and I’m sure others appreciate us at times. But yeah sad to have to live this way.

It is, and getting help is horrible,

But I'm determined not to give up.

I know it can be better. It's just very difficult

I used to be determined. Today I am giving up trying to be happy and I do what I have to do but I wish to do nothing anymore, wish not to be.

Well I can relate, it's very daunting, I just dont want to be, like this anymore, so going to try to change

Dizziness a menopause symptom are you too young to be on the menopause?

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