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Anyone struggle with increased anxiety right after starting new antidepressant? I started fluoxetine Sunday and yesterday and today my anxiety is through the roof. I read online it’s normal but wanted to hear others experiences with it.

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New meds suck for about a month with me.

The first two-weeks are terrible: anxiety, depression, hot flashes, nausea, skin crawling, headache. I take half them at night and half in the morning to minimize their affect. Week three the symptoms become tolerable. Week four begins to normalize.

I think the second week is the worse for me.

If it's too much talk to your doc.

You need to allow about five weeks for the medication to work.

Give yourself that time to get used to it and hopefully you will feel that much better.

Changing medications to early can become problematic as you would still need to give more time for the drugs to work. Stay with the one you are on


Yes, the two times in my life when I have taken Lexapro - my anxiety shot through the roof.

Yes. Me too.

You might feel all over the place for a few weeks, but I found that once it's starts working it is brilliant for depression and anxiety etc. You want to get some diazapam from your doctor to help with the anxiety during the first couple of weeks. Good luck, don't give up.

Yep. I don’t take that one but it’s pretty much the same with sertraline. Sometimes I’m so anxious I could scream. Other times I can barely stay awake.

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How long you been on it

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3 weeks. Supposed to take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks to really work but I’m super sensitive so hopefully less than 12

I almost always experience an increase in anxiety when going with a different antidepressant.

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How long does It typically last?

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Usually no more than a week, then it's less intense for about another week. If it goes beyond that, then I will ask to be switched to something different.

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