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Severe Depression Leads To Anger


I’ve had MDD for a long time now, but in the last few months I’ve noticed a new symptom pop up that I’ve never really had to deal with before: anger. I’ve been experiencing intense and sometimes dangerous anger and rage on almost a daily basis. I think the root of it is that my depression is treatment-resistant and I’ve been on about 40 medications with no relief, and I’m just fed up. I’m sick of being sick. And it’s making me really angry and mean. I’m not a mean person but lately I’ve been incredibly mean to the people around me. It’s getting hard to leave the house because someone or something will inevitably set me off and I’ll just get so mad I can barely think. I don’t know what to do with my anger, where to put it; it just festers inside me and I have no release. If any of you have been through the same thing or have any advice for me I’d appreciate it so much - this anger is truly affecting my relationships and my sanity. Thanks so much.

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Please help. Today I got so angry at my mom that I slammed the door so hard the doorknob broke. Any words of advice or anything would help so much.

Anger is a natural emotion, but controlling it can be quite a challenge, I used to stuff mine and become depressed. When I went to therapy, I was given some good tools. When you are in a safe place, blow off steam, if you drive - I do, I would get in my car, turn the music up load, cuss and scream, people thought I was singing along!!! Another good one, I went to a kids toy store, bought a plastic baseball bat, only weighed a few ounces. Kept it in my bedroom, went in there and beat my bed while cussing and screaming. As long as there is no one around to keep a fight going, the anger dissipates in about 1 min. I hope you will find a way, punch a pillow or a cushion, I would also put on sturdy cowboy boots, then crush aluminum cans as I dispersed my anger, find something that fits for you. If you are in an argument leave, go for a walk or bike ride, the anger goes down and the logic comes in. I wish you well, I seldom get angry anymore as I use my release valves. I send you love and hugs.......Sprinkle 1......

Thanks for these tips, they're all super helpful. I think the toy bat one could really help me, as I've noticed that I hold a lot of my anger in my extremities, and when I don't let it out I get very physically uncomfortable. I think I'm gonna go to a toy store this weekend, thanks again!

Actually I think I've been told that anger turned inward is depression. Or suppressed anger equals depression. Something along those lines. During my breakdown, I was too depressed to care about anything. And when I started to get out of it I started getting angry. I was happy because at least I was feeling something. That's where my therapist came in. We talked about what I was angry about and I made some great breakthroughs.

I don't know how this helps you. It's only my experience.

Thanks for your input, it does help to think of anger as an emotion that means at least I'm feeling something - I am very used to the kind of apathetic depression where I feel nothing, so feeling this anger really is a new thing for me. And I'm looking into both therapists who specialize in anger management and actual anger management classes. Thanks again!

Hi, sounds like we came up with some answers for you. So go ahead and get angry in a safe way. Hope you went and got the baseball bat, it helped me for several years. Then one day I realized I did not need it anymore, so I donated it to a drive for kids toys!!! Letting your anger out, will relax the extremity's where you have collected the anger. Like I told you I used to stuff if, it turned into depression or headaches, my therapist made me aware of this and taught me to get angry in a healthy way. I wish you well, let us know what works for you, I want you to be like me: Anger Free......

Sending peace of mind, strength, love and hugs......Sprinkle 1.....

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