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Overpowering Depression

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Hi everyone,

This is my first time becoming involved in a community like this, but I figured it would be good to talk about my issues as well as help others with theirs.

I’ve been struggling with clinical depression and generalized anxiety, and my therapist and I have recognized that my depression is most likely a cause of overwhelming anxiety. Although, I have started to get things under control, but even without any anxious thoughts or feelings, I’ve been bombarded with depressive struggles. I’ve lost so much of my motivation which destroys me to see because I am such an overachiever and driven person. My mind figuratively yells as myself and the world for even getting out of bed to go to work. I’ve become so irritable and I have started to question my relationships. So often I’m haunted with a sense of dread that society just isn’t made to help people like us. I’ve been so haunted with urges to isolate myself, and to an extrovert this is a lot to handle. My mind has started to make me question if I should give up on my hopes and dreams because it’s such a long way there, especially with mental health issues.

I guess that I’m just so distraught because my changes in mental health have caused me to become the opposite of the person I once was... and I used to love myself unconditionally.

I’m sorry to come here and complain, but I just need to be heard.

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This is exactly like me! When I read your post, it was like I had written it myself. I'm not sure what the answers are, but know that someone else is feeling exactly what you are feeling. I do know that I need something to change, but not sure where to start and then trying to talk myself into it is another thing.

It helps so much to know I’m not alone :) thank you

Hi, I’m also new to this and feel the same way you do. I used to be so good at achieving what I wanted to do and now, it’s hard to do anything. It’s hard to even get out of bed sometimes. I feel like such a loser because I know what I should be doing to make myself and my life better and I hype myself up to do it and then by the next day, I am back to doing nothing.

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Thank you for your response, it helps a lot to know that someone shares my struggles

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Exactly. Same here.

It sucks feeling that way and it’s a hard battle but I believe in you and wish you the best. You’ll always be heard here so vent on here when you feel like you’re isolating yourself😊

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Thank you so much!

Hi. You are heard. And you've come to a very supportive community. A lot of folks may share similar feelings as you do. You are certainly not alone. I hope you get on as best you can and are able to reach out. Loving kindness is always there in each of us

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Thank you!

Welcome. So many of the things you said remind me of myself. I was first diagnosed with anxiety in 1992, depression in 1994. It seems like as soon as my anxiety improves my depression gets worse. But you will find ways to cope and even achieve some of your dreams. Just not exactly the way you thought you would. The people here are kind, understanding, supportive and willing to share what has helped them. You are right about society. When I was first diagnosed I told only two people what was going on. But I speak up now. What we suffer from is as real as high blood pressure or diabetes and we often need to take medicine every day. You don't have to speak up but my hope is that attitudes will change as more people speak out. I hope you find support and comfort here. HUGS and BLESSINGS!

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Thank you for your support :) it’s great to hear everything you’ve said

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I will no longer stand silent either.

Hi. I feel the same ways that you feel. I am usually quite talkative, and while not extremely outgoing, I was no wallflower. Now meeting folks frightens me and I have walked away from so many social relationships. Now I am antisocial and lonely and this is due to my depression which stems from my anxiety. I dont even like leaving my house I am so uncomfortable outside and around people. I dont want to leave the protection of my bed and blankets . Recognizing myself is impossible it seems. I feel you.

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I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Best of luck to you, I’m always here

Hello- You don’t need to say sorry. Sharing your feelings will help you to feel better. Remember that we are here for you and you don’t have to go through this journey alone.

When I was going through “Empty Nest Syndrome”, an online support group like this was a huge help to get me through that deep sadness. So keep sharing and I pray for peace and comfort be upon you. Happy New Year! God bless.

It’s kinda amazing how somebody else’s post can sum up your own current troubles. I’ve also just started on here and am about to see a therapist for the first time in my life. Let’s hope we both can get the help we need

My first time on this site and joined for my husbands sake, to try to learn more and be more supportive. Your feelings and experience describes his scenario exactly. I wish I could help more. My goal is also to have him be a part of this online support. Do you find it to be helpful?

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I do find it helpful just to be able to see how much I’m not alone

I can totally relate to what you're going through

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