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Hi, I'm new here. I'm 20 and have been diagnosed with anxiety, depression and panic disorder. Last summer I began to see doctor for my mental health because I didn't want it to control my life. Over the past year there have been ups and downs. In March I was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for suicidal thoughts. When I was released I no longer had those thoughts, to cope I went to both individual and group therapy and took medication. I have seen improvements in my mood and a decrease in the panic attacks. However, since the hospital my parents have become afraid to talk to me; they think I will do something bad. I'm not in that state of mind anymore, I want to live and find happiness. Why can't they see that I have changed? Is there some way to help a parent understand how to deal with someone who has anxiety and depression? I have tried explaining to them what goes on in my head, but it seems like they still don't understand.

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  • Hello and welcome. I am thinking about your question.

  • Thank you.

  • Welcome to the forum Smile_ALways, I hope you find this site as helpful and useful as so many of us her do. Do you still go to any kind of therapy? If so I would suggest asking your parents to come with you to one meeting. See if the psychologist or psychiatrist doesn't mind explaining to them what is going on. Maybe that will help them out some.

  • Thanks for the advice it is really helpful. And yes I still go to cognitive therapy, in my next session I could ask about explaining it.

  • Time will help :) Your family only wants to look out for you and it will take time to reassure them that all is getting better. I wouldn't stress too much about it :)

    My own loved ones still worry when I do something irrational (like go camping on a moments notice) but they've gotten to trust me a lot more as time passes. Definetly went through the same thing as you :) Just continue to be honest, even if they don't seem to understand, that line of communication will help both of you

  • Thank you, I know I'm not alone with this.

  • i am new here. I'm more concerned about my friend who often cries at night, and feels low almost everyday. I listen to him, but I really do not know how to help him. So, i am reading posts here to know more. Thanks for all u wonderful people.

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