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Need Some Advice Now Please

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Hi guys I’m sorry but I’m not handling this lockdown well every single second of the day I think I have started contracting the virus. And with already having significant mental health issues such as health anxiety depression and ocd. I’ve thought about suicide so many time’s because I just can’t handle it. See my brother is a key worker (retail) so I keep thinking he’s going to give it to me. My mother has suggested for the betterment of my mental health I go to her as she isn’t working at the moment. My fear is if I already have the virus (despite exhibiting no symptoms. ) I could give it to her so I’m so confused scared alone have no idea what to do anymore as I can’t cope any longer

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You're not alone, I'm feeling the same way sometimes I feel like I'm the only one going through this.

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I’m so so great full for your reply I’ve just swallowed a crisp wrong and am coughing and still am terrified should I leave

Hi sweetie I’m totally freaking out too, I also have health anxiety and OCD and this is all depressing me really bad to the point where I’m afraid to walk my dog because there’s other people outside and I’m afraid if they cough in the wind it is going to blow my way and I’m panicking making myself think I cannot breathe right . I contacted my psychiatrist and I have not heard back from her yet but I need advice also but just knowing you’re not alone and there’s even the people who don’t have health anxiety have a form of health anxiety with this virus going around and my husband works as a food service director in a nursing facility and my daughter serves food in another nursing facility which is more like an assisted living so she drops the food off at their apartments which is all indoor. And I’m home cleaning everything and freaking out at the same time, please don’t think suicide because that’s not the answer, I believe eventually this will go away I just watched the governor and we are getting near the peak part so we can hit the downside of this and just keep protecting yourself and tell your brother if he can wear a mask or even a bandanna around his mouth and nose.

Hi. I'm in a similar situation to yours. I have OCD and anxiety, and can have a bit of health anxiety too. I too am convinced that I will get sick and worse from this awful illness. My anxiety has gone crazy. Every minute I'm scared of the thought of dying or even living with it. I am in touch with my psychologist, and we will figure out something, but every day is a struggle for me. You are not alone. Please keep posting, and hang in there.

Thank you so much for your reply it means so much I’m so scared all the time because my brother works in retail so I’m just terrified that I’m going to contract it

Hi there. I echo other replies: you are not alone and yesterday I felt all the same. That maybe I had contracted the virus (not sure how since I've been inside mostly for two straight weeks). And while I don't have many friends in this city, there are people I would see multiple times every week and I miss that. I know (in my head, anyway; though my heart feels otherwise) that I am not the only one feeling these things, that there are other single people all alone in our homes wondering, "for how long can I hold until the uncertain and unknown time when 'they' tell us it is safe(er) (for it was never actually safe) to go outside and be with other people. and is this isolation worse than death?" I mean, I know I cannot be alone in these thoughts. But knowing that isn't always that comforting because then I think, Why can't I be with those other people. Why won't so and so ask me to come there (not sure I can get anywhere anyway without a car but that piece of reality does not stop those thoughts)??? It's all very confusing, uncertain, and grueling. I'm taking whatever I can get that keeps me going: a website; a text; a song; a TV show for a few minutes.. anything. Unfortunately, I don't think there is another alternative for me right now. I wish you some peace and solace today.

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Thank you so so much for your reply I hope you’re keeping safe and well. I’m not going out at all really I’ve been outside for less than a couple of hours in total over the past 3 weeks I stay in until I have to shop. My only concern is my brother who works in retail who could bring the virus home to me.


During the first week of lock down, I was scared and worried. My son and I have asthma and it would be risky for us to have the virus. I cried while I was praying, I did not stop praying until I had the peace of God. Thankfully, I was able to overcome my fears. Once in a while, I worry especially after I watch the news. Now I limit the amount of time I spend watching news. I want to be informed but not too informed because it’s not helping me to feel better.

You are not alone. We will all get through this by God’s help. Please stay strong.

Keep posting. God bless.

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Thank you so so much for your reply I hope you’re keeping safe and well. I’m not going out at all really I’ve been outside for less than a couple of hours in total over the past 3 weeks I stay in until I have to shop. My only concern is my brother who works in retail who could bring the virus home to me.

Similar to the others, I too struggle from anxiety, particularly health anxiety. I currently struggling on and off as this goes on. Some days are easier, but other days, particularly if I feel I have some sort of ailment (even caused by stress) can leave me riddled with fear and panic attacks. I am currently reaching out to an online therapist and waiting for references to a psychiatrist to update medication. One thing I've found to be helpful sometimes is recognizing that my brain is making me so much more hyper-aware of every physical symptom compared to if I wasn't as anxious. Allergies give me a slightly scratchy throat or mild cough, so I start freaking out I have it. I get an upset stomach from stress and I think that I have it. Trying to remind myself that my brain is what's causing and noticing these symptoms more than usual. If the virus wasn't going on, I'd think to myself "guess pollen is higher today," and move on. While I don't have a solution yet to not noticing these things when you are panicking, I think it's important to recognize while you are easily able to.

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