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what should I do when the sun sets?


I'm ok until the sun starts to set. Then when it starts to get dark I feel bad. Lonely, depressed, alone, worried, bleak, lonely, isolated and generally sad. No amount of gym time, vodka, reading, paint-with-diamonds, netflix, ice cream, etc can distract me from knowing how bad I feel. I've tried knocking myself out with ambien and hydroxyzine. I've tried getting drunk. I've tried all the stuff i just wrote. I'm not sure what to do. What should I do?

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Hi ZipperMocha, I know how you feel, when the sun goes down all my worries and depression are multiplied. I think it might be because we tend to be less occupied and we spend more time alone at night time and our mind start racing.

You've mentioned feeling lonely more than once and I feel like it might be one of your major pain during sunset? Do you live with another person that you can talk to and play some board or video games just to change your mind? Sometimes all we need is a stronger support system. At least that's what I notice for myself.

I moved far from my hometown and I know nobody here aside from my husband and I can feel how important friends and family is to me now that I don't have access to them. It has really affected my mental health. So my point is that maybe it would be good to have one or two good friends around even if it's just to text or talk on the phone because it helps with the isolation and depression. It's hard to make friends as adult though.

Another thing that help me a little at night is to listen to audiobooks. I have poor concentration so reading isn't easy for me but listening is fine and I walk around at the same time. You can find some free audiobook online (no need for the expensive audible from amazon).

Hope you'll feel better.

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thank you for your reply. i live alone with my dogs. they tend to sleep in the evening so i snuggle with them but my mind still is distracted by my lonely feelings.

A SAD light mimics sunlight, purchase on at larger chemists. That should lift your mood


Make your indoors area look cosy and welcoming

Thank God that you have a home

Ask Jesus to look after you through the night

There is yoga for night time if you are interested in that. Helps settle the mind.

I use meditation.

Have you thought about just accepting what Is happening and how you feel.its a tricky process but it can be done.

I learnt to practice real deep meditation for about 5 years.

I do it some times now and then when needed.i find that now I can sit quietly totally silent at night time.

I do get what you mean though,it gets dark and quiet,nothing to distract your mind.

So I have adult adhd and paranoid personality disorder amongst other things.

Yer some times if I sit up to late and it’s all quiet then the paranoia does rear its ugly head but more often than not I’m ok.

I can assure you that there will be something that helps.its not my place to explain just how to except and it’s not the easiest subject to explain.

I was given a book by a very good friend called “The way of the wizards” I think it may be by deepak kopra,excuse the spelling I’ve lent the book to a friend and have not got it to hand for the spelling.

Give that book a go,it does go on to explain the blackness etc etc and how to look,think and feel in a better way.

Please don’t give up at the first hurdle.baby steps if need be.

YOU CAN DO THIS if you want it badly enough.

I hope this helps you.

Good luck,every day is a new journey so try picking a different and better one for tomorrow


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thank you for your reply. i will check out the book. i too was thinking I just need to accept this issue and stop trying so hard to fight it.

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Hi Zipper

Yeh just go for it,I’m sure amazon may have it.ebay they go pretty cheap 2nd hand as long as some one hasn’t coloured in the pics lol.

Put it this way,what’s not to lose and all to gain hey

Good luck

Read something spiritual that might help, go to a singles group at a church you might like it.

buy a lamp?

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your reply made me laugh. buy a lamp. ☺ i do turn on all the lights in my house. actually I live in a trailer. maybe i just feel my feelings too deeply. when i was in the army and deployed to Kosovo i was around ppl 24/7. going back to being a civilian and getting my own place seemed so glorious. maybe now that I'm getting older being alone isn't working out for me. i think what other ppl said on here about just accepting it and live thru it might be the best advice. thank you for making me laugh.

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dont you have paramilitary in wherever you live now, that you can join?

e.g. in Latvia you can join national guard almost until returement with regular training, aome compensation for training fays, options to have career as officier etc..

hi you could get a dimmer switch use calming oils scented candles.

Well first off, alcohol is a depressant so that could be making it worse. A lot of people get down as the sun goes down. We just have to remember we are not alone, try to keep busy and remember that the feelings pass. I like to watch TV in the evenings and unwind from the day, sometimes cooking relaxes me. It's really about keeping the mind busy.


Atleast your okay with the sunrise and not craving blood then we know your not a vampire

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